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    This is how he got one more customer

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    Often it's the attitude which goes on making a good relations. The incidence, the author has mentioned is one of the occasions wherein the value has been added to the future transactions to take place within these two. This also got me reminded of the rare occasions wherein I was offered of free help in fixing the leakage of petrol of my bike. As I wasn't aware of the thing so the mechanic himself did it & charged nothing, although I gave some money instead. After that I went to him only for servicing of my bike.

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    The other person is a real businessman. By not taking for a small work, he scored good points from you. By seeing his smiling face and doing the work free of cost you have become an admirer to him. Now you will keep on going to the same shop for your requirements. So being good with you he found new business for him. This is the business tactics. As you have confidence in him now you will never bargain with him and try to do purchasing from there. You may also recommend that shop to your friends and others known to you. So he is getting indirectly benefitted with his good gesture.
    Near my house, there is a medical shop. One day I urgently wanted a medicine. All the shops are closed. The doctor has given me the number of that medical shop owner. I phoned up to him. He responded positively. He brought the medicine and delivered to my house. Then he told me that he can deliver medicines in my house all the time and told me that he will give 10% rebate on the MRP. Then onwards any medicine I want I inform him. he will deliver to my house.

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    A good businessman knows how to make his customer happy. He has to make his profit also from him only and at the same time make him happy.

    The gesture shown by him, in this case, is unforgettable and the author is very right in saying that by doing that he got one more customer in his kitty.

    I just quote the famous saying of Mahatma Gandhi -
    "A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption of our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider of our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to do so."

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    Good tactic by the businessman, who by offering free service, has really captured your heart and trust thus you obviously become a fan and wants to give more business to him. Once my son specs got loose and the lens were about to fall. I went to a optical shop to repair and he done that for free though I want to pay for his service. That gesture forced me to visit for my son eye check and even purchase a new optics with frame. Thus he made a business from me by offering a free service earlier. These days the business men wants more customers and thus even free home deliveries are the order of the day.
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    I also found many persons like this. In the shops of watch repair and optical centre in my village, they do not take a single rupee to repair some small things. But every person is not such type. Sometimes the goldsmith takes 10 rupees to do small changes in the size of the ring and sometimes some goldsmith does not take a single coin.
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    It would be too cynical of us if we begin to judge all of such actions as "business tactics".
    However, I have also had one such experience.
    It is childish of me though to be doing what I do.
    One Golgappa wale bhaiya gave me one extra Golgappa and even though there are many other stalls of Golgappa beside his stall, I always go and eat Golgappa only at his shop. I have not even tried others. I always feel obliged to him for his goodness, even though that was just a Golgappa.

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    Coming to the golpappa matter, my daughter who is fond of that would go to a particular vendor, who knows that she would insist the extra golgappa with a sweet content in it for free. So we spend petrol to reach that spot for the free golgappa. Very funny way of getting things.
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    In any form of business, the customer or client literally puts the breakfast on the table of the vendor/ businessman. These days, the competition is very high and retaining customers is one of the key areas of focus. Hence customer care and after sales service becomes very important.

    What the shop-keeper has done is provided the service you want without any charge. Similarly, in clothes shops, many of them adjust the trouser length free of cost provided you purchase the pants from them. There are many doctors who see the patient, if they come back within 5 days, they don't charge consultation fees. Such instances are the basics of customer satisfaction.

    Imagine, if there are no other belt sellers in the entire area, then his conduct would be slightly different.

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    Such jobs done by the shop keepers are very minor/petty in nature, and the shop keeper hesitates and feel low to take any sum for the job done. I had been to many shops viz. to tighten up the screws of my spects, to adjust my wrist watch chain, to lubricate some parts of my bike, for which the shop keepers never charged. They just smile, and if I try to offer some sum, they would say - " It is alright. Nothing required."

    Remember, Such shop keepers will not hesitate to take a good sum when we visit them next time, and we won't be able to bargain, but pay the sum demanded. We would feel low if we try to bargain with the same shopkeeper.

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    I have one amusing experience to share. I have noticed that the vegetable vendors who address the middle class women buyers as 'Mam' or 'Madam' get more customers compared to those who call their customers as 'Aunties' or 'Behen ji' despite the fact that they charge more and few of them even resort to underweighing.
    Has any one else also noticed this phenomenon?

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