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    Be beautiful from the heart.

    The main reason for this title is because nowadays people are more bothered about the outer looks, means beauty. But here is a small story which gives us a good message and justifies the title.

    Once there was a lady. She was very rich and she used to spend more money to show off her beauty and to appear beautiful. She was very much concentrated on her beauty. One day she was to go Dubai for tourism. She boarded the flight and walked to occupy her seat. But when she went there she observed that a person whose face was full of wound marks and was not having his two hands beside her seat. After seeing him, she was not willing to sit beside him. She called the air hostess and asked her to change her seat as she was feeling irritated to sit beside him but was told that there were no other vacant seats. Listening to this conversation the person began to cry. He asked whether this was the country for which he had fought for in the war and lost his hands. He was an army soldier. Listening to his words the lady understood her mistake and she asked for forgiveness to him and sat beside him saying that she was very lucky to sit beside a great person who sacrificed himself for the nation. Everyone on the flight applauded and expressed gratitude to the person.

    So please never give importance to the beauty of the physical body. Give importance to feelings and be beautiful from the heart.
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    Nawaz Emon,
    Very good story….! I appreciate.
    Be beautiful from heart….
    People who judge a person by the external are lacking something fundamental in themselves.

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    Neeraj... Thank you. For ur reply.....and ur support.. Now a days people are running behind physical beauty and not around feelings...... So don't give importance to external appearance......

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    An excellent story. People always see the appearance and the sweet talk. But they never care for the mentality and attitude of the person. This is not a correct way of evaluating a person. This moral was brought out in this story nicely. Respecting physically challenged people is a good attitude. That is lagging in that lady. The person who sat there has lost his hands in the war for the country. So he is to be respected.
    We always should give importance to the inner beauty but bot the external appearance.

    always confident

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    Very Good story (hope it's true). To me, it's a great example of ' assumption is the mother of all evils' and that 'no duty is better than serving the motherland'

    An assumption, we often assume many things, some of which is based on looks of a person, a place etc.For instance, I've been to temples that look like a simple shed, but on some days of the week, there would not be place to stand or even have a glimpse of the idol.

    There are various professions that one can choose from but choosing the profession to become a soldier with a real chance of getting crippled or dying for the country is something unique and noble. I think this is the reason for the sudden change of heart from arrogance to admiration.

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    A very good and heart touching story by Nawaz Emon. I appreciate your writing. Really we always appreciate external beauty but we should see the inner beauty of a person. External beauty is for some years but inner beauty will remain always even after the death.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    My Daughter loves the movie Frozen - Story is about two sisters one is good and the other bad. As he bad sister looks pretty she is favourite amongst all the kids. I am sure you too must be aware. It is difficult to teach good or bad is not judged from looks.

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    It must be some other movie. I have watched the movie FROZEN. And though you pointed out correctly that it is about two sisters, it is definitely not correct that one of them is good and the other bad. Both the sisters are beautiful, and they ARE beautiful from the heart. The elder sister goes away leaving her kingdom (for she is a queen), just because she could not control her magic and had ended up hurting her younger sister once. And the younger sister strives all through the movie to bring her sister back. The movie shows their sisterly love.

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    Wow what a nice story which is a real eye opener for those who judge the people by physical appearance. In this case the lady was arrogant and takes pride in her looks and beauty , where as the other co passenger who lost his hands for the sake of Nation had the courage to live with his lost hands. The other day a person teased me for having lost my most of teeth and now sporting like old man. For that I simply said that older age would embrace any one and for me it came some years early. So what , I might have lost some teeth, but that does not mean that my heart is weak and I am weak person. In Hindi I replied to him, Daanthe tho ukkad gaya, par dil tho achha aur jawan hai !
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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