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    About Being "Superstitious" ?

    Do you feel that whatsoever you are doing in the name of God are true & you have no doubt in that. Is there anything that you used to do but later came to know that this can't be right & you changed your opinion & moved with another path. I used to believe in Idol Worship & the offerings being made to the Shiv Linga. In our culture everything was scientific but later on all those converted to on religion basis without knowing its logical explanation. For example, the reason behind the offering made to the Shiv Linga is that this add to the moisture content of the idol & this makes the life of the statue grow to the extended period. Ask yourself that if the offering we are doing to the Shiv Linga ,then why the same can't be possible for other incarnations as well.

    Now, when you ring a bell in the temple, this got its own benefit. The time this bell makes a sound, on that particular moment your mind empties with that sound means in that moment you are free from the worldly affairs, doubts or suspicions & you feel peace & enlightened. Our temples used to be in such a shape that this pours energy within you. But we are just doing the activities without knowing its importance. We are just doing the physical exercise & this doesn't make the God happier.
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    Really good write up. Many activities we do as we learned from our elders. But we never try to understand the logic behind doing the same. But doing those activities will be good as whether we know or don't know we are doing good activities.
    Every day we should see the Sun and offer him our prayers. This is what our elders taught us. Many of us do the same thing. This will help you in getting the required amount of Vitamin D for the body. These days doctors advise many of their patients to stand in the sun for at least 10 minutes in the morning which will improve vitamin D levels. This fact is not known to many people. It is always good to know the importance and then performing.

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    These are issues which are being discussed since long. Still there remain the two groups, one following the superstitions and the other who do not agree with it. Actually during these days, when the majority are educated and depending on science and technology for everything in life, it is a wonder why some
    people are still following the superstitious actions.
    If the ringing of bell has the particular effect, why it was denied to women ? Why certain people are not allowed entry to the holy places. There are several contradictions in the customary practices. Hence these customs were developed slowly among different groups of people in different manner. There is no meaning in interpreting those using the concepts of modern science. In certain cases, by chance, scientific explanation may be agreeing, but in others it may not.


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    Nice sharing from the author and he brought some meaning on what we observe all these days unmindful of knowing the right thing. For Hindus idol worshipping is must and as per our views, the temple in which daily rituals are observed are considered the best praying place and the God expected to grant boon to the devotees. In Hindu temples we receive Thirth Prasad which is the mixture of Tulasi and Elaichi, again considered to be good for health. And Goddess temples vermelon is given to the lady devotees. When the temple bell rings, it signifies that we must remember the God at that moment leaving all the work for a while. Like wise for Muslims the Namaz bugle is being sounded a call is made through loud speaker to leave all other work and pray for the Namaz at least 5 times a day which they call us, Fazar, Zohar, Asar, Maghrib and Isha.
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    There is science behind every religious activity or rituals performed in Hindu religion. In modern world we don't believe in so many things but what our grandfather, great great grandfathers taught us certainly there is a true scientific meaning behind it and if we follow them up to a certain point, I feel of course it is beneficial for our lives.

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