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    Crime: Easy to commit, escape and be free.

    Everyday we read about crimes ranging from assault, sexual abuse, financial thefts and even killings. Without going into the details, Let's just think why are these crimes being committed. There could be many reasons for various crimes and addressing them is needed to reduce crimes.

    If we analyse crimes and their reasons, I think one of them would be the attitude is 'so what' If I commit a crime, I' sure can get out easily. On paper, committing a crime attracts punishment but does it really happen. In India, there are many ways to remain free, escape punishment or reduce it or even delay it.

    If a particular crime has a mandatory punishment awarded, whoever be the criminal, then people who think twice before committing a crime.

    One of the ways to reduce crime rates would be stringent punishment or hefty fines that would make the next person really think hard. Is the crime worth committing? no, because the punishment is too harsh! If this change happens in India, then the incidence of crimes would come down.
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    True. The main reason for all these happenings is lack of severe punishment. Another important issue is the judicial system takes its own time in deciding on the matter, whatever may be the reasons. So this is making the individuals fearless. Another issue is in India till the matter is proved in court all the criminals can be on roads. Getting a Bail is not at all difficult. Today some leaders who are in cases in the hands of CBI against financial crimes to a tune of more than thousand crores and they are fighting for the poor on the roads.
    For any offence, the action should be quick and it should be severe so that the other person will have a fear to do the same mistake again. There are many pending cases in the court and the concerned are still not got any punishment. We have seen some cases which are not finalised even after the criminal's death. This system should change and rigours and timely punishments should come.

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    As we are observing that many people are getting scot-free after committing a crime, there is definitely lack of punishment and it is mainly due to the absence of a strict governance regime.

    Unfortunately, though the Govt is equipped with all the things needed to impose severe punishment, but due to the political patronage to the offenders and miscreants, it is not possible to book the culprits easily.

    The honest officials also start having an indifferent attitude for these happenings, to safeguard themselves from the anger of top politicians.

    The purpose of electing politicians was to check that proper rules are framed and the Govt machinery works orderly. It is really sad that it has not met the purpose rather distorted the things miserably.

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    It is also relevant that it is poor people who suffer for their crimes the most while richer people can, most of the times, just get away with the crimes they commit, owing to their wealth and power.
    John Gay, in his play, THE BEGGAR'S OPERA makes a similar point.
    Also important is to note that most of the times, it is the government which is responsible for the increasing rate of crimes. Poverty is a political issue. It is not an individual's problem. It is because of this, half of the times, that people feel forced to, or feel the need to, commit crimes. So, only if something could just help in changing the social and economic well-being of people, crime rates could be reduced. Punishment is not always the solution.
    But yes, punishment for crimes, which are actually unpardonable, needs to be severely implemented.

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    What we are invariably coming across the fact that those who have done murders, and committed robberies are let off with some simple imprisonment and fine. And for the offender sometimes they feel the jail life is good as there is a security for his life and commits the crime again and again. That is why on the day of release the local police would wait and arrest the person on fresh charge of criminal activities and thus put into jail for another term. But Indian laws are not strict on the criminals and wrong doers as the human rights act also helps them to safeguard from brutal treatment by enforcing authorities.
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    Nice replies. glad that most of us feel the system should change, bigger the crime, bigger the criminal, more are the chances for them to escape.

    @#627328 Jagriti Sharma. Agreed punishment should not always be the solution but it should be a strong deterrent.
    PS:'All Caps' text writing in emails and forums is similar to shouting loud in a conservation. We can use punctuation marks.

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