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    India drops down by two places in "Corruption Perception Index, 2017".

    The "Transparency International" is an international non-government Organization based in Berlin, Germany. The report of this NGO on 'Corruption Perception Index for 2017' ranks India 81 out of 180 countries. The score of India is 40. The index ranks the countries from 0 to 100 from the most corrupt to the non-corrupt countries. In 2016, India ranked 79 out of 176 countries. The report states that Philippines, India and the Maldives are among the worst regional offenders in Asia-Pacific region. These countries score high for corruption and have fewer press freedoms and higher numbers of journalist deaths. The general observations and analysis made by this NGO indicate that the countries with least protection for the press and non-government organizations tend to have more corruption. It advocates that the journalists and civil society members should have the freedom to voice their concerns against corruption.
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    4 new countries are added. The earlier list is having 176 countries. This time the countries on the list are 180. Earlier the rank of India is 79. This time it is 81. if it is 0 to 100 from more corrupted to least corrupt means 79 to 81 is a positive change. But it is mentioned as dropped down. I am getting confused. The score of India is mentioned as 41. It is in the first half of the corrupted list. What is the score last time?
    Anyhow it is very well known that our country is very notorious for corruption. But what I observe these days the officials are more corrupt than the political leaders. It is my personal feeling that from the last 4 years there are no scams involving the people in the government. But the officers are not changing. Still, they are not coming out of that corrupt practices. So the government should concentrate on changing the mindset of these officers.

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    Whether we can give credence to such NGO organisation which wont publish their basis of such findings and thus we cannot believe the observation as authentication of real facts. May be India would have been branded corrupt before Modi was taken over. And after the demonetisation, there is absolutely no scope for any corruption as every transaction has to be made public and accountable to government. And there is no cash inflow what we call as black money now. So there fore from my side I cannot give credence to this report which has not gone in to real change in India since note ban.
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    Unfortunately, common but educated Indians no longer believe in the result or this so-called corruption index. Only anti-Government politicians and their chamchas (sidekicks) try to create a stir on this so-called index. And Transparency International (along with Amnesty International) has lost its credibility long back, perhaps at least ten years ago.
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    Reading this thread like a laying person, what I note is
    Corruption perception Index - the word perception we all know can have an inherent bias. So, the CPI would itself have a bias or an assumption about corruption.

    Who do we measure corruption? It happens right from the traffic policeman taking a small bribe of Rs 50 for not wearing a helmet to the high level wherein chiefs, leaders are accused of having an unaccounted wealth of many crores. It is not easy to measure corruption because it needs different yardsticks for the different scenarios and multiple factors need to be taken into consideration.

    Now, to the more interesting point protection to press and freedom of the press is linked to corruption. But in India, is the press itself free of corruption? Certainly not, we have certain channels leaning on a particular party in return for favors and acting as its mouthpiece.

    Recently, the majority of the Indian media were sensationalizing the 'wink' that took the country by storm and the actor involved. Many forgot to far major issues of the country, it's also a form of corruption.

    Since we are talking about corruption, press and freedom one can read this article (from 2010): How corruption in the Indian media undermines democracy.

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    And how come the murder of journalists be linked to the corruption at high places in India. I just cannot understand the notion behind that. Yes there was corruption at every corner then, but now the situation has improved a vast. For example we have to wait for caste certificate, income certificate at the MRO office and grease the palm to get the things done. Now one has to apply and pay the necessary government fees and within stipulated time the E seva centres themselves are giving the MRO certificate and thus the corruption has no place. Had this be taken into account by that so called NGO ?
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    #627292: Yes. you are mathematically correct. Even after four more countries were added there was no change. It stands in the same position mathematically. The score remains the same at 40. The point you are missing is our country continues to be in the bottom half of the corrupt nations.
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    #627323: The country cannot afford to be in the denial mode forever. A frog living in a well thinks that the well is large and it is the whole world. It does not know that a large world exists outside. The narrow perceptions are not going to help the country. The looting of the country is going on for a long time. It is a high time such things are set right. The Nirav Modi and Rotomatic company are in the news now. The Nirav Modi episode started in 2011 and continued into late 2017. More than 15000 crores of loot happened before our eyes. This is the tip of an iceberg. A lot more to come out. It is not just PNB. A patriot thinks for the good of the country and a nationalist takes it as a criticism of the country. Do not forget that the people of this country are also responsible for the corruption.
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    As far as I know, Nirav Modi loot happened during 2008-2014, but has come to light only in the last part of 2017. Serious action was started after PNB lodged a complaint with CBI in February, 2018. In the meantime, the entire family fled the country.

    But the fake agency is bringing the old scam in the recently published corruption index. More astonishingly, the global index has been issued immediately after the scam came to light!

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