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    What you do when you feel bored?

    Sometimes we get bored and don't know what to do and how to pass time. At that time we try to do things differently and start experimenting. I usually play games in my phone when I get bored and I will try some new dishes by browsing internet. I got some ideas which I thought to share on ISC, which might be helpful to some members to pass their boredom. Here are some ideas which you can try when you get bored:

    1. Clean your house
    2. Make desserts or do some new dishes
    3. Read a book
    4. Do some gardening work
    5. Finish Some puzzles
    6. Learn about something new by browsing
    7. Write down to do list or items you need to buy
    8. Do some art related
    9. Listen to music and dance
    10. Watch funny videos in youtube

    These are my random thoughts and I welcome some other ideas from members.
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    Feeling bored is the greatest challenge for any person to overcome. Why a person should get bored when whole lots of opportunities and chances are there to kill his time. That means the person lost hopes in life and does not have interest to sustain his happiness. But surely many are attracted towards small children and one can get immense satisfaction while playing with small children and talking with them. If there is no children in the house, one can have good relations with the neighbour and cuddle the children who comes to our house. For me ISC is the best place to kill the time if at all I have spare time.
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    Internet could be a best option if not interested on going outside place. We can watch movies or update ourselves with the latest news or else even better option is to submit your articles in for hoping to earn money & increase your awareness about the latest topic.

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    Whenever I get bored I will open my laptop. Otherwise, I go for a light reading. I will opt for a TV show. There are many other activities we can do if we are bored. Generally, I spend my leisure time with a book. But these days my majority free time is going to Indiastudychannel. Reading the articles, Answering the AskExert questions and commenting on the threads may be taking around minimum two hours daily. Another work is spending time with my little granddaughter, Playing with her, laughing with her and trying to see that she will not weep. This is another main activity in the leisure time from the last 4 months. my granddaughter is 5 months of age now. Sometimes I go shopping with my wife and finally playing cards with my family members for fun. These are the general works I do during leisure time. But I never attempted any housework in my leisure time. But I sit with her when she is working in the kitchen and chitchat with her on some issues.
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    The last few days have been very busy, now I'm free for a couple of hours, hence on ISC. When I'm free or feel bored, I browse ISC, make contributions. I enjoy reading books/novels.
    One thing I found is, the articles in the supplementary pages of a news paper are interesting and give new insights. Instead of just lazying around in boredom, we need to do something creative or useful. Having a quick/short nap for an hour or so gives me much needed rest. If children are at home, I watch tintin or iceage or any of the popular cartoon DVDs and enjoy the little spare time with them. We get shoutings for not helping at home and for snacking too much.

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    Bored or not bored, I always try to keep my brain engaged by reading and writing as much as I can. Find out what you love and do that, you will hardly find time to get bored.

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    My desktop table and resting bed is positioned adjacent to each other. When I get bored, I browse ISC. When ISC bores me with no good thread, I shift my body to my bed, close my eyes and rest. I do it alternatively. When I get too much bored, I kindle my wife and children for fun, if they are at home.

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    As I have varied interest, I don't easily get bored. I read, I write, I talk to my daughter, my wife and parents, brother or sister, I listen to music, I check the mango trees in my neighbourhood, I watch blossoming of flowers, I listen to television debates. I would like to further explain that I read different genres of books. I also sleep a lot. I enjoy the life.
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    Leisure time activities are different than the ways and means to cope with the periods of boredom. The real period of boredom is the period during which you don't feel like doing anything. Thus the suggestions about killing time by performing certain kinds of activities has got no meaning or relevance.

    Generally, people have weaknesses for certain things for which they are always ready e.g. for watching certain specific types of shows by browsing on internet. Such things can help in killing the boredom.

    I personally don't get bored easily. I always find myself occupied with reading and writing activities on ISC or Quora besides many other activities of varied nature.

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    Everyone at some point or other in his life gets bored with the routine and monotony. The only way to get over this regular problem is 'change'.

    I believe in this technique and am also very successfully applying it in my life. We have so many activities. I do not linger with one for long. I switch from this to that. Do not feel ashamed in menial works. They impart a new lease of life in you for your next creative cycle.

    If I feel bored with my writing, I break and go to my kitchen to make vegetable for the evening (sometimes family members may not relish the taste as it may be prepared in simplistic ways!) and believe me it gets me a break and my mood changes from blank to full of ideas and I jump back to my desk and just jot down my next award-winning forum thread!

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    Thank you everyone for your inputs to my thread and sharing your views. As most of the members said, I too open ISC and do some contributions in different sections of ISC when I feel bored, which I forgot to mention in my thread. When ever I get time I open ISC and see what is happening in forum and I post some job posts.

    And I like the point said by Mr. Umesh that changing from one work to other. Doing the same work for long time also causes boredom, by this technique we can't get bored easily.


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    I generally do not get bored. I have fond of reading books and I always try to spend sometimes to read books. When I got free time started reading books on my mobile if I am travelling or hard copy is not possible. If I am at home and get bored (get free time) I started reading books from my small personal library. I read books of Hindi and English languages.
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    when we get bored then we do some work:-
    1)play games in smart phones.
    2)Give some time to ISC.
    3)suffering in google.
    4)Helps my mother in their works.

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