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    What do you think: why is it that in general, boys refrain from watching fairy tales?

    It is interesting that though the traditional role, which men seem to accept in society, is that of a savior/ protector, the very obvious stories and movies (fairy tales) portraying it are considered as being 'girlish'. Boys do not, normally, like to watch movies which are based on fairy tales. And if they do, usually they refrain from telling it. What do you think is the reason behind it?

    I think, the expectations of the society and the stereotypes prevailing in the society with regard to gender are few reasons.

    Also, is it that it is more important to make women damsels in distress (one needs to relate with the story after all, and fairy tales are typically for girls) than teaching men to actually behave like Knights, who were chivalrous enough to respect women?

    Perhaps I am being too much of a feminist today . . .
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    Well the liking of every thing depend on how the children are nurtured and exposed too. If the mother used to tell fairy tales even in his childhood , the boy will also generate interest even when he has grown up. But what I have seen invariably that mother wants a her male child to be strong and intelligent to fight this world with his competitive spirit and thus such stories a told to him so that he gets ready physically even to fight for his position in the society. But these days there is no difference between male and female child as both are given equal importance to make them prominence in the society.
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