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    Why is having Speech Problems a matter of shame, or rather MADE a matter of shame?

    Even after undergoing therapies, people might not completely resolve their speech problems like stammering or speech sound disorder. Humans communicate in order to live, and communication requires language, and language requires words. Even if one cannot utter certain letters clearly, and hence words clearly, one cannot just keep silent.
    Society plays an important role in such people's lives who have speech problems.
    What, however, is seen is that people tend to mock people with speech problems rather than encouraging them to express themselves no matter the case with them.
    'Totla', a Hindi word for Speech Sound Disorder, is used more like an abusive word rather than describing someone's state. Such things make one think it better to be dumb than having speech problems.
    When one's family members can still understand, or rather try to understand, what that person with the speech problem is speaking, why is it so hard for other people to do so?
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    Yes we have been coming across such persons who have stammering and even voice chord problems. It is very challenging for person who has the stammering disorder and has been asked to express his view. In our class there was boy who stammers a lot and has become a laughing figure to all including the teacher. Some students would force the teacher to ask him a question and the way he take pain to answer with stammering would be a treat for the others to enjoy. But I was the one who would protest to such selective question to a person who has the natural problem. Yes when the family members can understand his way of expressing things , why the other people wont ?
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    It's not a shame but actually the hesitation for the first time or the fear that pours us in our mind & the body in context with our confidence. If that lacks then this is a natural phenomena. Often other than focusing on our presentation or a goal, we goes on wondering about the opinions of others which can't ever be satisfied or fulfilled. So doesn't matter how good you been you will always be criticized for your performance. So try to ignore them.

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    Laughing at somebody's problem is not a correct attitude. Sometime or other, in one way or the other we will also get laughed at. So we should not make fun of others for their inability. Some people will have the problem of stammering. They will feel shy and they can't talk openly. They hesitate thinking that others will laugh at them. So they try not to talk. The colleagues should encourage such people and see that they will express their opinions freely. They may become normal if the people around him encourages him to talk. Instead, if we laugh, they get much more demotivated and never open their mouth and by force if we make him open his mouth his problem will get multiplied.
    There are people who try to imitate the stammering people and get habituated. One of my cousins was trying to abuse one of his friend who was having the stammering problem. Finally, my cousin got stammering and today he is suffering from that problem.

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    People with challenges or issues are often helped and acknowledged, sometime there are a certain group of people who are so insensitive that they pass a sarsactic remark or comment or have a laugh at the expense of the person who is stammering, who is fat, who limps or who comes for a difficult family.

    We cannot start arguing or pay too much attention to such people or blame the society. What we need is to have a sound approach of the society and the government to treat such people as normal and equal in the soceity. Once this comes in gradually people would change.

    It takes a lot of courage to overcome the initial reluctance but once theses people (stammer) get used to the surroundings/office they do well and only occasional start having difficulties.
    Lastly, it's not the person's fault that he/she is stammering, so, if someone is making fun of such people, they should be reminded that it can happen to them too.

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    It is estimated that about 12 million people in India stammer. It is not officially classified as a condition of handicap by the Government of India. The school going children affected with stammering face issues of self-consciousness, lack of confidence, teasing and bullying.

    Unfortunately there is no 'cure' of stammering. However, speech therapy at an early age gives a young child the best chance of a complete recovery. In India, speech therapy is highly expensive and there is a shortage of good speech therapists. Breathing techniques based on Pranayama have been introduced to improve the condition.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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