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    I am eagerly waiting for you

    Everyday I go to the terrace and check. No, you haven't yet arrived. But I sense your impending arrival. Not only me, all of your admirers are waiting for you. When are you arriving?

    Yesterday night, I dreamt you. I saw that you are changing your complexion very quickly. You are turning yellowish red from green. I saw you are getting healthier. I wanted to touch you. I wanted to feel you. All other admirers were trying to do the same. There was a small commotion. But suddenly I got awakened. The sweet dream vanished.

    Dear mango, please arrive quickly. I am eagerly waiting for you.
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    Yesterday, I visited my sister's home at Salem. I bought some fruits(Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Guava, Grapes, Banana, Dates and plums) and an ice cream pack. And I prepared Fruit Salad for the whole family of 8 members. Among the family members, the youngest was my sister's 5 years old grand daughter. She, after tasting the fruit salad said," This fruit salad is very tasty, but one thing is missing. If added, it would have been excellent." I asked her,"What is missing dear? She said,"Mango is missing." I promised her that I would make fruit salad again during the Mango season.

    Yes. She was right. The Mango enhances the taste of fruit salad. Mango is one of the fruit that adds taste to a fruit salad.

    No life without Sun

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    In my opinion, mango is the king of the fruit. It the tastiest fruit. I like mango very much my children are also eagerly waiting for the mangoes. They eat mangoes in different ways like fruit salad, juice, milkshake, ice cream, etc. So like you Mr. Partha, many people are eagerly waiting for mangoes. We have not to wait a long. It just has to arrive.
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    I belong to Lucknow , famous for the Dussehri variety of mangoes. Generally, it comes in the market rather late compared to other varieties.

    I vividly remember that during our childhood, eating mangoes by all the family members seated together in our village (away from Lucknow, in a different district) was treated as nothing less than a ritual.

    We had our own garden which had many mango trees but about 10 of them were dearer as they used to yield mangoes better in favour and taste. A name was assigned to each of the popular trees and a collection of ripe mangoes naturally dropped on ground used to be collected and put in a bucket under water.

    Family members used to sit surrounding the bucket and savour mangoes one by one while identifying them by the names of the trees to which they belonged.

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    You did terribly wrong!
    You missed king of fruits in your fruit salad, that also in Salem, known for tasty mangoes!
    What is the name of the mango which is available especially in Chennai that is eaten raw and very tasty? I tasted it at Marina beach and found to be fantastic.

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    This is not a mango season. Salem is famous for mangoes. Even then the mango was not available. I could not sight even a single ripe mango while I could see many raw mangoes in the vegetable shop. No fruit stall hand mangoes.

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    Mango fruits are still not available on the market this year. Raw mangoes are available a few. In the backyard of my house in Hyderabad, I have a mango tree. Yesterday we have pucked a mango raw from the tree and my wife made dal mixed with mango. This is very tasty. The is giving fruits for the first time this year only. But very few flowers are there. I don't how many of them will get converted to raw mangoes and then fruits.
    All our family members are fond of mango fruits. We like juice type mangoes. Nuzvid, near Vijayawada, is very famous for these mangoes. We will try to get some mangoes from there every year.
    In our childhood in our village, many mango trees were there and we used to have mango fruits every day during the season. The best fruit is the mango fruit among all commonly available fruits. I will never leave a chance of eating mango fruit.

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    In the malls and the vegetable markets, I've seen the tothapuri mango, this is raw large one that is eaten with salt and chilly sprinkled or made into a pickle.
    I think the mangoes would hit the markets by end of feb/beginning of March.
    We love the Mulgoba/Mulkoba variety of mango that comes from TamilNadu, it's a very tasty one especially if you can get your hands on a good box of fruits. Some of our relatives would send a couple of good boxes that are packed with dry straw and send it via the inter-state buses and we pick it up. These last for about two - three weeks depending on the stage of ripening.

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