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    Knowledge is the best heritage

    People think that money, properties, gold, etc are the best heritage but in my opinion, the knowledge is the best heritage. There are many points which prove that knowledge is the best over money. Some of them are:
    1. Knowledge protects us but we have to protect the money.
    2. Knowledge increases as you spend but money decreases as you spend.
    3. Money can be stolen by a thief but knowledge cannot be stolen.
    4. Knowledge leads you to a good path whereas money leads you to a bad path. (Generally)

    Likewise, there are many more points. Members are requested to share their opinion in this thread.
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    It is true. knowledge is having many powers which are not there for the money. A rich man will be worshipped by his followers in his place only but a knowledgeable person will be worshipped by all at all places. As you go on teaching your knowledge to others your knowledge will increase. But if you spend your wealth you may not get it back always. A king respects a knowledgeable man but not a rich man. The knowledge can be learned from our family members and teachers. We can improve our knowledge by reading books. Knowledge is really the best heritage. Another important factor is you will get more knowledge the more you have the competition. If there is somebody who can argue with you and who can give more insights into the knowledge they will make you spend more in acquiring more knowledge. So competition is always good for becoming more knowledgeable. We require banks and lockers to store your wealth. If it is increasing it will bring more problems. But you don't require a separate place to store the knowledge and no problems as you get more knowledge also.
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    Knowledge is a ocean, how much we can churn out the best out of it all depends on way of approach, our understanding of the things and following the same. No knowledge would be beneficial unless until it is followed and practised by ourselves. The other day we have approached a person for a suggestion who is best in giving good tips. But on seeing that person my friend was not having confidence that he would give good alternate suggestion to the problem. On seeing my friend's dilemma the person immediately shot back that not to gauge by face as might have lost all the teeth, but he has good heart and thinking capacity to give best suggestion.
    K Mohan
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