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    Have you ever visited a police station and in case so then what was your experience?

    I have visited police stations many times in connection with my official duties. It was a part of our duty to examine something very dangerous seized by police and generally kept at police stations. The only experience which I wish to share here is that the policemen also used to get scared like normal human beings during the examination of the dangerous substance.

    Apart from that, on few occasions I visited police stations for personal work like for expediting grant of NOC for issue of passport or for lodging a report of a theft which once occurred in my house etc.

    Have you ever visited a police station in connection with any work?
    How you felt there inside the police station?
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    I visited police stations many times in my life. I visited to take permission to conduct temple festivals; for functions where audio is involved; for pass port enquiry, and other petty cases. In all the cases, I had to grease the palms of few police personnel to get the job done. Once I visited a police station as I was booked under a false complaint. I did not pay even a single pai to get out of the case. The police people are generally good, but most of them are bad and corrupt.

    One should never visit Police station, Hospital and Court in our life.

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    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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    I visited police station many times for official works. I was a Director of a company making dangerous goods. We have to maintain the stocks, despatches and manufacturing with the licence from a Government authority and earlier days we were to renew it every year. In this connection, I was visiting the SI, Ci, DSP and SP those days. Once there was an accident in manufacturing. So a case was booked by police on the company. In that connection, I visited the police station. But I was never summoned. I used to go, talk to the officials and come back.
    Once there was a theft in my brother's house. The SI of the police station was known to me and he helped a lot in recovering the stolen material. All the times my experience in the police station were good only. A DSP has become my friend. He used to visit my office and my house many times for a courtesy visit. Now he retired.
    But going to the police station is not very interesting for a common man and many people will have a fear to go there.

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    For professional criminals, police station is like a temple to visit. The authorities sitting there are like semi-God for them. They offer, pray and request them to come out of the jail on bail. We can find cheers and smile on their faces without any fear or shame.
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    For a normal person visiting police station is not a friendly place and if by chance some one sees, the word will pass on like wild fire that something has happened and that is why the visit was imminent to PS. Though police claim that they are people friendly and wants the complaints to be lodged as soon as the need requires. But when we go to the PS the matter would be half heard, the emphasis would be for a truce or compromise formula but never complaint would be registered. All this drama gives rise big doubt that police cannot solve the problems and hence decent people keep out of PS.
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    I had to visit the Police Station once or twice in official capacity. Only once I visited the Police Station to lodge a complaint about loss of mobile phone. Very fortunately, I did not face any problem on any occasion.
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    Once my mobile phone got stolen so I went to police station but the reply was that the area wherein the mobile got stolen doesn't come under them. They became angry when I still insisted to report the stolen mobile. Then I silently came back.

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    A few years back, I had to visit the police station along with my father for the reporting of a stolen scooter, those days, in the small busy neighbourhood, most vehicles used to be parked just outside the gates (for lack of space). It would be safe but we had lost our scooter. As a teenager, it was scary to be in the station, with people shouting at each other. We were made to wait for a while before one friendly constable who used to be a regular visitor in our area helped us. We did recover the scooter after a few months.
    In India, police stations are places that are not frequented by the regular people unless they have some work or permission to be sought for. Visiting on official capacity is not bad, going there to report something is more of a daunting task. Some stations have good staff who would immediately recognise a regular person, whose looking lost within the station and they would quickly finish the work, some places can be a nightmare based on what we read in the papers.

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