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    Have you met Mr X and Mr Y?

    Two friends Mr. X and Mr. Y talking to each other.

    Mr. X: I am so lucky. Whomever I meet welcomes me and wants to spend more and more time with me.
    They literally hate when I leave their company and wish I could stay with them. I feel really proud and happy.

    Mr. Y : (Nods his head) Yes, you are really lucky. People hate me whenever I meet them and wish I never come to them as I trouble them a lot and make them sad.

    Mr. X: Oh! Now I realize why people tell me not to send you to meet them. They say that you go to them like an uninvited guest and spoil their fun.
    Why are you so shameless? Why can't you stop visiting people and let them be happy with me?

    Mr. Y : I want people to learn some lessons from me.
    Ok. Now onwards I will stop visiting people and trouble them. Its all over to you now.

    After few days Mr. X and Mr. Y meet again.

    Mr. Y : Hey! What happened. You don't look as happy as before.
    Didn't people welcome you? They must be happier as I have not visited them all these days.

    Mr. X: No. I felt that people were not as welcoming to me and happy as before and they took me for granted.
    Sorry if I have hurt you by my words. I request you to start visiting people again.
    I felt that when you were visiting them prior to my visit I was valued more.

    In our life Mr. X is "Happiness" and Mr. Y is "Sorrow" which regularly visit our life. People welcome happiness into their lives and loath Sorrows coming to them. But just as sunshine is brighter after a rainy day happiness is more valued, soothing and enjoyable if it comes after a period of sadness. Happiness after happiness may not give same pleasure as happiness after sadness. Its also true that bad times teach us a lot.

    Have you ever thought about this phenomenon? Let us discuss.
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    Wonderful post-Mr Jignesh!

    As I was reading your post I assumed that Mr. X was money and Mr. Y was time. Its only at the end my assumption proved wrong. A wonderful connection between happiness and sorrow.

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    According to me, X is a male and Y is a female. Without these two, nothing will move smoothly in this world. It is better to meet X and Y. An individual should meet X as husband and Y as wife. And XY as parents and children
    No life without Sun

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    When there is darkness only you will know the value of light. When you are hungry only you know the value of food. Similarly, when we have sorrow only we will know the value of happiness. This is a very well known fact. When there is a failure only you know the value of success. In the absence of failure, you can never understand the beauty of success. My sister when she was in high school she was never concentrating on her studies. Somehow she managed up to 9th class. In the 9th exam, she failed. Fortunately for her from that year no detention system is introduced. So she was promoted to 10th class. But that failure brought a very major change in her attitude. She concentrated on studies in 10th class and passed 10th class with good percentage. Now she completed her three MA degrees as a private candidate while working. So people will always feel the difference when only both good and bad are there. It is right if there is no sorrow nobody welcomes the happiness.
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    We love Sundays and look forward to it because of the other 5 or 6 days that are packed with work commitments. If every day were to be like a Sunday, then the true value and perception of Sunday would be lost. Similarly, everything is a balance of the cycle of good and bad, ups and downs, success and failure, good times and bad times.

    The struggles of life need to be experienced to understand the value of money and success. A person working hard, stumbling or wandering before settling down in life would be a more mature and contented than someone who has everything handed in a platter.

    Grief, failure, financial loss, seperation all are difficult to endure but it makes the individual more resilient and more capable of appreciating joy, success, financial gains, unions and re-unions.

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    Well conceived Jignesh! It is a fact that we can enjoy happiness only if we experience sorrow and vice-versa. All good things are known as good only because we know and understand the bad things. A white line on a white paper would not be visible. For a line drawn on a white sheet to be visible, it has to have a different color. Life is a mixture of emotions and experiences and we get to know the difference only if we go through all of them, either directly or indirectly.
    'He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.'- Elbert Hubbard.

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