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    Materialism and spirituality -Is life approachable in both ways simultaneously?

    There are two ways to this life; one is the material life and the other, spiritual life. It's already understood and agreed that we will never get happiness and satisfaction when we attach ourselves to the physical/ material world but the same is necessary as it won't be possible to live without any transaction here. On the other hand, whenever we feel sad or disappointed, we turn ourselves to the spiritual path. But again pure spiritual path is not possible as we need to have finances in order to carry out or to fulfill our daily needs. Now, if we try to manage both at the same time, that also wouldn't be possible as both are completely different in approach and ways. So again, the life remains incomplete.

    Is there someone here who can, for the benefit of all of us, try to explain or brief in the best possible way as to whether one can balance these two different approaches to life and yet be happy.
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    As a human being, we require some minimum amenities like food clothes and shelter. For these things, we have to do some work and earn money for self and family to get on the life. In this pursuit, we should be having the morals in our mind and we should go the other way forgetting the morals. Try to help others, donate what you can donate. it need not be cash it can be in kind. While doing your day to day work not resorting to bad practices itself is a spirituality. A person should understand the ethics, morals and discipline of life. Whatever we do or whatever we get is due to the blessings of the supernatural power and always thinking of him and getting afear for him and not doing any mistakes in our mwteristic world is nothing but spirituality. God-fearing nature, worshipping the God and praying the God and visiting the places of worships is spirituality. Simultaneously we still do these things in addition to our duties to earn money for our minimum needs ethically. This can be treated approaching the life in both ways simultaneously.
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    When a person is confronted with family and responsibility on daily basis, he cannot think of spiritualism in real sense and cannot dedicate fully. For that matter we cannot say that he is against the spiritual interest. Only after we completed our family responsibility, even children would advise us to embrace spirituality in total and that is only needed.
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