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    Public amenities for the LGBT community - It’s a good gesture, but…

    Do you feel that public amenities & facilities for LGBT are haphazard? Should they not be properly planned?

    Nowadays authorities and common people are becoming aware of the needs and rights of LGBT community. It is a positive trend. Recently, in Nagpur, the administration has decided to construct two public toilets for members of the transgender community. The District Collector Mr. Sachin Kurve has announced that these two toilets will be constructed at Pachpaoli and Sitabuldi localities of the city.

    Although this a positive trend, I feel that instead of such haphazard and ad-hoc measures, a proper survey must be conducted to understand the needs of the LGBT community in India. We must know the population, how the community is scattered, their financial conditions, their needs and how can they contribute to the society,

    So, I think that welfare activities for the LGBT community must be initiated in a planned and systematic manner based on the community's needs and necessities.
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    In Hyderabad the LGBT community have a separate colony and they are guided and guarded by the state government schemes and programs envisaged for them.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The LGBT community in Hyderabad is living in the same place. But I don't know what are the amenities that are provided to them. There are some notorious groups of these people in Hyderabad. If any small function anywhere in the area they all come together in an auto and demand huge amount as gifts. They create a lot of problem in the house if they are not getting the demanded amount.
    That is a mafia in Hyderabad.
    anyhow it is good to note that government in that state is doing something good for them. Let us hope the other states will also follow.

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    Perhaps the author wished to use the word - 'gesture' , instead of jesture in the title ov the thread.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Thanks to Mr. Kailash Kumar for pointing out the mistake. It is one of the mistakes which I still commit. Since my childhood, despite regular thrashing and admonition of my parents, I could not correct this mistake.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    We are at crossroads in ensuring equal rights and treatment for all. For public amenities, there should not be any discrimination based on gender and physical ability. In many Western Countries, an apology board will be prominently displayed if a small shop does not have a ramp for wheelchair access for the public. Most Government places and regular firms will have wheelchair access.

    If we think along the same lines, it is very difficult in India to provide such amenities because of the sheer volume of resources needed (infrastructure and money). The authorities need to plan ideally and then start but things are done on an ad-hoc basis and publicised so that they keep particular people happy and can say that we have initiated the program(toilets for transgenders) and we are in the process of providing more.

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