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    Giving voting power to prisoners.

    The people who are in Jail as a punishment can be allowed for voting or not? In some countries like Russia, UK, Australia and Argentina there is not vote for the people who are in prisons. But in some countries like Switzerland, Spain, Sweeden and Finland the prisoners are having a vote. In India also they have no voting power. In Greece and Italy, the people who are sentenced life punishment are not allowed to use voting power but others are allowed. Now election Commission is thinking of removing this restriction in India. They want them also to vote. The people who are in jail are contesting for posts then why not the people who are in jail can be given this voting power. The Knowledgeable members of this ISC can bring out their opinions?
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    As per the law those who are criminals are not eligible to contest elections. Like wise those who are lodged in jail for different offences and cases, how come they be relied to give the judgement on democracy as to who should win. I am of the view that in jail such works will be given to the inmates so that they should forget the sin and think of refining themselves so that once released they will start a new lease of life. In this process the prisoners who are undergoing the life change process inside the jail should not be disturbed with politics and election. By the way culprit will like such persons only to be elected.
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    Every citizen needs to have a right to vote but once being sentenced to prison, the criminals or prisoners should not have such rights. Yes, there many a few people who are wrongly sent to prison but the majority have done something that normal citizens don't do,hence should be restricted.

    Looking at the current situation in politics, there are many people contesting with criminal cases still pending on them. Some would be involved in shady dealings. This would make the prisoners demand voting rights for them.

    The other risk factor would be manipulation of the votes or impact of external influence. Some prisoners would be in prison for very heinous crimes or some of them may be psychopaths etc, these people should not be given such rights.

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