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    Which one is better to invite a good and sound sleep?

    Dear Members,
    Days have gone when we used to sleep on the floor on a simple mat or sheet. These days, we use cushion bed(matress) over the cots costing many thousands. There are many brands available in the market viz. Duroflex, Kurl-on, Sleepwell etc.
    What is your favourite matress? Do you really enjoy sleeping over them? Is it good to sleep on the matress or on the floor? How do you sleep? How do you invite a sound sleep?

    In my newly constructed house, I have placed a new wooden cot worth Rs. 15000/- and a matress(Brand - Sleepwell)worth Rs. 8750/-. The shop provided me a bed cover, bed spread and two pillows with pillow cases worth Rs. 3000/-. free of cost.

    Let us have an interesting discussion over this subject 'Sleep' and 'Sleep well'
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    If you are really tired and no problems in the mind you will get a sleep anywhere. You can have a sleep on the floor if you are a satisfied man. If you are not happy and satisfied, even in an AC room and on a waterbed also you can't sleep well. When you go on a morning walk very early you will find people sleeping on the footbath without any bedsheet or pillow and they don't even cover their body with a bedsheet. So all depends on the individual's thought process. If you have a lot of unaccounted money you will never get asleep as you will be always thinking about how to keep the money safely. There is a saying in Telugu which means if you are really hungry you will never bother about the taste of the food and if you are really getting sleep it never looks for convenience.
    Anyhow these days many advance varieties of mattresses which are very comfortable are available. The Sleepwell mattresses are good for sleeping well.

    always confident

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    What I feel that when you are tired and feel like sleeping, even the floor is enough and one would get the sound sleep and good dreams too. Mattress are for comforts of the rich. If you visit village, you can find people sleeping on the sand, on the logs and even on the ground with good sleep unmindful of who are watching them. Even ordinary beds being made and sold by the workers are good as they cost 2000 rupees for double bed size and one can get good sleep over lying on it.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Once, during my journey from Delhi to San Francisco, I had seen that 2-3 persons slept on the floor of the airplane between rows of the seats as it was a very long flight and they could not control their sleep.
    The power of sleep can be seen during travel in trains and buses also. Long back, once I had to travel from Mumbai to Ahmedabad by train in the peak rush season when my ticket could not move beyond RAC. It was night journey and I had to share a berth with another passenger who was a stranger to me. After few hours, the power of sleep took over and we slept on the same berth like long lost brothers, both of us keeping our head on either end of the berth.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    After reading the reply by Kailash Kumar my thoughts ran as to how the people would sleep on the ground in the plane when the passengers are supposed to fasten the belts while travelling. Moreover when the plane is moving it may take turns , ups and downs, and that must create a sort of uneasiness in the passengers sleeping on the floor of the plane. Will they not roll over from this side to that side as the there wont be any constant grip for the plane to adjust its shaking ? This is my doubt and those who travelled long distance can give me the right answer and editor do not consider this response out of context.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There are many brands of new mattresses, the price you have mentioned sounds quite economical, it is a coir with a single spring one?

    A peaceful sleep is a gift that eludes many people, if you have nothing to trouble your inner conscience, then you would sleep once you hit the bed. At times many of us sleep out of exhaustion after a hard days work or a night shift.

    Some people have a wrong notion that people who sin or commit crimes won't sleep peacefully. This would be true only if their wrong acts haunts their inner soul.

    People sleeping in the streets and the footpaths, have no choice. Just imagine can one sleep peacefully without any food, shelter or money to be alive for the next few days? I feel most sleep out of exhaustion or hunger or just the over whelming thoughts about their dire status and the harsh treatment that life has imposed on them.. Some sleep with gunny sacks, cartoon boxes or just news papers.

    In our grandparents house (Tamil Nadu) we used to have a wooden cot with four legs and thread crisscrossing like a net and when you sleep, it's like sleeping in a hammock. I still enjoy at least lying down whenever possible during our visits. Even now, when you visit the villages, you'll see people (adults) keeping these cots front of the house and sleeping outside at nights.

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    We are very much related to nature. Pancha boothas or five elements such as air, water, fire, sky and earth are closely protecting us. When we sleep on the floor we feel so much comfort than any other thing. Mattress comes with various artificial ingredients and most of the times we can't sleep on them without turning on AC. We feel the heat from the mattress. Using pillow is also a bad thing that one should avoid. Our neck and shoulder will get hurt due to this. Sleep straight without pillow... We never get backpain in life.

    So I prefer sleeping on floor rather than on a mattress.

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    Material things can't give you sound sleep but leaving aside your worries surely will.

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    Do you all know that God has created Ilavam Panju(Silk cotton) for the purpose of human beings to sleep comfortably and peacefully. Local made mattress contain these silk cotton and also the pillows. A poor sleeping on the streets or footpath on gunnybags and cardboard materials is the destiny. In the sameway, sleeping on mattresses costing many thousands is also destiny.
    No life without Sun

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    Though it depends on how an individual has habituated to sleep but from a health point of view it is advisable to sleep on a firm and flat bed.

    Doctors also advise flatbed with a thin mattress to those who are suffering from back problems like lumbago.

    Sleeping on the floor especially on a thin mat is to be avoided as the low floor temperature may induce back pain in some individuals.

    People who are habitual of sleeping on flat and firm beds are not comfortable in cozy and foam type bed cushions.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A sound sleep automatically comes to one who physically work well. He/she does not mind whether mattress or mat or bed or floor. For them floor is bed and en hand is pillow. Others only should the way alternatively and they should invite sleep through calming their mind as it is the first and most enemy for bn sleep.
    As many of us going to bed with problems and thoughts inviting sleep can be done only by driving away them, that is either by meditating or counting numbers.

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