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    When should we do this - Before or After?

    Drinking Soup and eating Fruit Salad. It is a good habit to drink soup and eat fruit salad. According to me, they are good appetizers. In party's I have seen people tasting soup after the hot drinks. In hotels, I have seen people ordering Fruit Salad before the main course. There is a confusion in my mind. When should we drink soup and when should we eat Fruit Salad?

    Diet and party experts can throw some good light on this subject.
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    Generally, the dinner will be started with soup and closed with fruit salad. Generally, after hot drinks, many will not prefer soup. They directly will go for dinner. After dinner, they may also go for fruit salad. But some people may do it in a different way. My previous boss always used to have fruit salad in the beginning. Then he used to have dinner. But no soup.
    In our tradition sweet will be served after curries and before rasam in the lunch. But these days many people start with sweets. So these habits will depend upon the region and the tradition.

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    I think, Soup – Fruit salad – main course may be the correct sequence. I am not sure. Nutritionists in this forum can explain further.
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    Generally, people have 2-4 course meals at restaurants, start with soups, then starters, the main course and ending with a dessert, cut fruit or a drink/even coffee.
    At buffets, I've seen some people eating with no specific order. Some health-conscious people have a vegetable salad or a chicken salad dish instead of the main course. Often people have a little of fruit salad with ice cream after a meal.

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    I don't know the exact social answer of the question raised by the author. However, I will share my personal observation regarding the subject matter.

    There are two possible scenarios. One has to take food either at his/her home or in a social setting e.g. as a guest at some friends or relatives place or in a party.

    In the first scenario, it is totally up to the individual concerned to take either of soup or fruit salad first. Personally, I will take soup first, before dinner and fruit salad later, after dinner.

    In the other scenario, as a guest at the place of a friend or relative, I will obviously take the dish which will be served first.

    In a large party, in the buffet system, either I will follow what other guests are doing or do as per my mood and choice at that time.

    In our daily routine, neither we take soup, nor fruit salad.

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    Taking soups, desserts, salads and the main course in a particular sequence is as per the choice of the individual but medically speaking and as per the digestive system of our bodies there are certain considerations we must respect in this matter.

    Soups are well cooked and generally, fall in the category of appetizers and they prepare our body to receive more foods by affecting our taste buds with the nice taste of soups so they can be consumed in the beginning.

    The main course foods are also well cooked and are easily digestible. On the other hand fruits or salads are raw foods and take a long time for getting digested in our digestive system.

    In this light, it is better to take fruits or salad items before the main course or at the beginning with the main course so that they get more time in guts and are digested in the body before or along with the main course items.

    Regarding desserts, they can be taken anytime either along with the main course or afterwards because generally, they are also well cooked.

    So it is advisable to give more time for digestion of raw foods in comparison to other well-cooked foods.

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    What I have been watching and even experiencing that normally the dinner time is started with welcome soup as the starter as the dinner items which will be of high spicy order and to have good digestion of the menu, the soup is served. Taking soup after having dinner is not followed in Hyderabad and no one would serve even. I have seen people ending the dinner with sweet, ice cream or sweet lassi depending on the availability. Even fruit salad are taken as the last item of the dinner if the stomach permits.
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