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    A revolutionary step by Assam: First e-budget in India

    It is a revolutionary step. This is going to happen for the first time in India. Assam Finance Minister Shri Himant Biswa Sarma is going to take this revolutionary step tomorrow. This is a very significant step signalling saving of tonnes of pages used to publish budget speech. It will be cost-effective also.

    Earlier also, the Finance Minister of Assam sought the opinions/suggestions from the public relating to the budget. This step helps the Government to have an active interaction with people regarding the state budget.

    I whole-heartedly appreciate the effort of the State Government of Assam. Hope other states also follow this good initiative.
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    Normally, when budget of a state is presented in the assembly, its hard copies are distributed in the house for reference to all the members for study and discussion in the house on various proposals made.

    By e-budget, it is understood that instead of hard copies, only its soft copies were distributed among the members of house. Is it so?

    I could not find much information and details about e-budget in the internet resources. Therefore, the author is requested to throw more light on the subject matter.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Budget copies are generally printed for use by MLAs, officials, media and people. But everybody would be able to access the e-budget of Assam in a computer or mobile phone.

    Two relevant links (Financial Express and another prominent newspaper of north-east) are given below:-

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    If the Assam Govt is going to do it in this e-manner then they really deserve appreciation for that to avoid so much paper and hassles of managing the ton loads of it.

    This is really a big initiative and we hope other states will also start such e-initiatives. India is a populous country and we can definitely progress ahead with e-governance in various areas.

    I remember earlier we were waiting for our Income tax refunds or assessments for a long time but with e-governance in place and setting up of centralised computer office in Banglore the situation is improved and it is functioning with utmost efficiency.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Good that the Assam government is making use of new technology and for the first time e budget is being presented and there by setting precedents in future so that all governments would take cue from it and save lots of money in printing the budget proposals. There has been consistent demand to use less paper and go for digital in every aspect. We must appreciate the new innovative method of government of Assam and how come this idea never penetrated into Union Finance Minister's mind ? At least next budget would be e budget.
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    Assam is doing a very great job by presenting the e-budget for the first time in India. We should appreciate the governemnt for this step. This is an environmentally friendly initiative. By not printing so many copies a lot of paper is saved in turn it is saving of trees. The other states and Central government should think of doing the same from their side also.
    it is also good to note that the finance minister of the state has made an appeal to the public on the internet for opinions and suggestions which is again a unique aspect so far. So far I never heard any finance minister asking the people for suggestions. It is an indication that the Assam governemnt is encouraging and bringing new trends in the governance.

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    Great to hear that the Assam Government machinery is being so eco-friendly, that it has actually implemented a e-budget. It's one thing to make speeches and publish in print media about change for paper work to e-work. But to put it in practice, it takes a lot of persuasion to get everyone on board.

    We all read our mails and check official receipts, likewise, the authorities who are interested can always browse through their copies and make comments or notes. It would take some time to go to a paperless office or institution for the Government but it's a good start.

    We are seeing officials interacting more and more with the general public, is it just a gimmick for the elections or with genuine interest would depend on the authorities. Hope this is one more unique way to gather inputs from the people who actually are affected by the budget.

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