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    What has been the longest bus journey undertaken by you and what are the highlights of the same?

    Apart from travelling by air, train and by own car to cover long distances, travelling by bus is also a popular option. As a matter of fact, many people prefer to travel by buses compared to other modes.

    I have not yet covered more than 500 kilometers by bus in a single journey but many people cover much longer distances using this popular mode of travel. During my posting at Mumbai, I remember that many buses used to ply long distances to different South Indian cities like Hyderabad, Bengaluru etc.

    Nowadays, in modern buses, facility for sleeping is also provided and I have heard that in few buses even toilet facility is available.

    What has been the longest bus journey undertaken by you and what are the highlights of the same?
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    I have travelled from Tirunelveli to Chennai and Bengaluru covering a distance of more than 600 km. It used to be comfortable night journey.
    The worst bus journey I had was - a travel from Vascodagama to Bengaluru covering a distance of 650 km in an ordinary crowded Kadamba Transport Corporation Bus.

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    Recently I travelled from Cuddalore to Hyderabad by bus and that was about 1000 kms. I have started at 1 pm in the afternoon and reached Hyderabad at 9 am next day. The journey was far, the comfort of the bus was good and the driver made stops as requested by the passengers to ease out and the lay back seats also made the journey comfortable. There was video and music played when requested. It has costed me 1300 rupees , but the time was saved and I planned to reach Hyderabad in time and thus no problems faced through long bus travels.
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    I have traveled from Trichy to Hyderabad last year in May. The distance is around 950 km. I traveled by Kalada AC bus which was not so comfortable. There was only sitting seats in the bus. I got swelling in my feet due to 17 hours long journey. I decided not to travell by bus in future if the journey is more than 6 hours.
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    I am talking about my bus journey experience in 1985. I was working in Hindupur of Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh. Our native place is East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. Those days Hindupur to our place there were no direct trains or buses. We have to catch a train at Rajahmundry and come to Hyderabad. From Hyderabad, we have to catch a train and go to Hindupur. Otherwise from our place we have buses to Vijayawada and from there to Hindupur by bus. Those days these Hitech buses and Garuda Buses or sleeper buses were not there. Only semi-luxury buses were available. Only one bus was there from Vijayawada to Hindupur. It was taking almost 18 hours of journey. The buses were travelling very slow and there is no pushback arrangement. A very bad experience. But we have travelled a number of times by this bus. The worst journey is when we travelled by my first kid on that bus.
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    The longest distance I have traveled by bus is from Thiruvananthapuram to Hyderabad via Chennai. The distance is about 1500 km. I could get hold of a luxury bus from Tvpm to Chennai and the journey was quite comfortable especially because I boarded the bus in the evening and reached Chennai by next morning. After a short break there, I managed to catch an Andhra Pradesh State transport bus to Hyderabad and I must say that the journey was horrible. Though the bus stopped in between to stretch and ease ourselves, the heat was terrible and my body was paining due to the prickly heat rash and my feet had also swollen. I think undertaking such long journeys by bus without breaks is best to be avoided unless there is an emergency.
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    I have travelled frequently in the bus but generally short distances.

    Once I travelled from Dehradun to Delhi and that is the longest journey I had. There was one stoppage in between where a very good restaurant and washroom facilities were there and after getting fresh we had some hot and delicious snacks.

    It took about 7 hours to reach Delhi. I still remember that long but comfortable journey.

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    I have travelled long-distance by bus on many occasions. But my longest bus journey was from Kolkata to Siliguri, which took almost 12 hours. The distance was almost 600 kilometre. It was a back-breaking journey even in the most comfortable bus.
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    The longest so far for me is Courtallam to Bangalore via Madurai a few years back. We had been on a trip and on the way back a few friends went to Coimbatore and few had to travel by bus. The journey was around 600 kms. Up to Madurai it was tough with the heat and the regular bus service. From Madurai to Banglore it was a A/C semi sleeper that was comfortable. I often carry some odomus, a neck pillow and a eye shield ( easy to carry), when travelling by night buses. Last year we ha been in a full sleeper bus, Bangalore to Trichy (340 Kms), it was a little uncomfortable in the night as it was my first trip sleeping flat in a bus.

    For those who develop swelling of the feet, we can use compression stockings (below knee), this prevents the feet from swelling up during long bus journeys, Similar stockings are available for long haul flight (DVT stockings).

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