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    ISC is a better search engine

    Do you think is a better search engine than Google or Bing or any other one? Tell the world how ISC has been helpful in finding answers!

    Going through forum section and AE section of ISC became an habitual one to me, Whether I participate or not, I read almost all comments, when the topic is close to me or interesting. All the time, I find members' comments/answers are in detail. Those matured and detailed answers made me to post my general query in ISC on yesterday. Share some tax benefit ideas I found relevant and descriptive suggestions to my query. The comments are also to the point. I am aware that ISC has people with experts in various fields. I also got to know that they are ready to help immediately.

    Now, I had a comparison. Before I get to be active in ISC, I use search engines like Google/Yahoo for all kind of my doubts and questions. Using right keyword to my question itself will take few minutes to get proper results. Though I get more number of results, most of the time, I end up tired searching the reliable site or right answers to my query.

    But now in ISC, I find it easy to post my doubts in detail and also finding answers in detail from experts on short notice. Importantly, I don't find it much necessary to find it's reliability, because, I could see, members talk with enough subject knowledge. Thanks for ISC, for retaining experts of all fields and for being a better search engine to our queries.
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    I often prefer to quote my favourite anology during discussions within my friend circle which is as follows -

    The reputation and standard of IITs is attained not by the level of its professors but instead it is maintained because of the outstanding caliber of the students who join IITs after cracking JEE like entrance tests.

    The same applies in the case of ISC also. The members who raise questions contribute in raising the level of ISC as they prompt the answering members to study more to update themselves.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Nice to get appreciation from a fellow member on our responses and replies which seems to satisfy every author who raises the post. Over the period of time the members have got the niche to give their best answers to the questions raised here and thus our replies are immediately indexed by Google and thus even in Internet we find one or two entries of our members mentioned there along with other contributions. Yes ISC has experts who can suffice the need of the questions raised.
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    It is true. We will get good points for our threads on this site. ISC happens to be a good site for learning as well as teaching also. We all should thank the promoters for providing us with a good platform to interact with knowledgeable members. As mentioned in# 627432 the students of IITs make the institutes to maintain the standards. Similarly here also the members are utilising the chance provided to them and trying to contribute to mutual help. It is a very good place more than google search engine as you get the answers which are very apt and you need not go on opening number of sites to know the relevance of the post.
    We are all should be thankful to the promoters of this site as they have provided us with a unique opportunity to learn and at the same time earn also.

    always confident

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    I disagree with the author. ISC isn't a search engine. The second thought is a good idea if we compare other education websites with ISC. The contents in article section is awe-inspiring along with educational sections – Jobs, Previous year question papers, Schools, Colleges and AE section.

    Other than that, if we compare it to Search engine or decoding database then it is tedious. I personally love to explore those section but not all the information available at ISC are enough.

    Take an instance of Forum. There are many threads but it never exceed 100 comments from other authors. But in Quora and Mylor you will get prompt input from followers or users upon submission.

    ISC forum needs a bit improvement.

    That's all for now.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    What the author means is ISC is a relevant site with meaningful discussions and information. We cannot call it a search engine. AE and articles are well moderated to ensure the content is appropriate and informative.

    I feel it will be difficult to compare ISC with quora because quora are more of a question-based content and members having a huge number of followers. It looks very complex and cluttered while you interact when compared to ISC. ISC has multiple sections wherein members do not have followers like other sites. I find content in ISC is better moderated with language ettiqute being better maintained than other interactive sites.

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