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    Enjoy your life to the fullest extent. Don't regret after your death

    Dear Members,
    God is the creator of each and everything on this good earth. He created the human being and provided all the needs of the human beings. What is visible to us is the creation of God through man. Man made things are God made things. Technological advancement is by the God through his creations only.

    Please don't get confused with my first paragraph. I have something to tell you all.

    You/we should enjoy our life to the fullest extent with the things provided by the God. The wealth and the things you possess is given by the God. While you have sufficient money to lead a luxury life, don't try to save money and live like a beggar and lead an uncomfortable life. After ensuring that you have saved reasonably a good sum for your future, start living happily with the excess money you have in hand/bank.

    Please do not regret after your death that you did not lead a life that has been provided by the God.

    After your death, at the entrance to heaven or hell, You will be questioned " Have you enjoyed your life fully on the earth ?" If you say 'Yes", you will be asked to narrate your life on earth. If you say 'NO' you will be asked 'Why?" And many other questions would follow.

    For example:
    Q. What was your bank balance when you left earth?
    A. One crore
    Q. Did you buy a vehicle and enjoy driving?
    A. No.
    Q. Why
    A. I wanted to save money for my children
    Q. Fool. We have provided you money to lead a luxury and comfortable life. But you failed to lead a comfortable life. You could not even buy a vehicle with Rs. one crore in bank. Is it not?
    A. ...............(Blink)
    Q. Come On. Answer.
    A. .................(Blink)
    Q. Since you did not enjoy the life fully on the earth, we are sending you back to the earth. Try to live with what we provide you. You should not regret for not enjoying the life on earth.

    @This is a serious cum fun thread to receive serious/funny responses.
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    Life is to enjoy and to be happy. Be happy with whatever you have. Spend more time with family. Don't get stressed to earn more and more. You show a way to your children to live. But don't struggle for storing money and giving them. But make sure that you need not ask money from somebody to live even from your children. This is a good concept. I agree with the author. At the same to in the name of happiness, one should not go to unethical aspects of life. We should follow ethics and we should be kind to our fellow human beings always. This is a very important point. My uncle(Father's brother) lived up to an age of 62 only. He had seven daughters and one son. He was struggling his whole life to earn money for their children. By the time he died only one girl got married. He was working till the penultimate day of his death. He earned good money and gave to all his children. But in his life, he never enjoyed the life.
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    My policy is to eat well, live well, live with purpose, help others and at last get immense satisfaction of living with a purpose. Otherwise this life would be waste as selfish person.
    K Mohan
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    I believe that nobody can regret after death as with death all kinds of feelings end for ever.

    We can regret only during our lifetime when we are alive. All senses cease to function as soon as one dies.

    Though I have no personal experience in this regard but I have read in fiction that immediately before death, all incidences of life flash one by one like a movie trailer. Perhaps only during that period, one regrets for certain things or otherwise.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Mr. KK,
    In fact, It is the original body and soul that is taken by lord Yama to the heaven or hell. The duplicate body without soul is left behind for others to see and perform the last rites. So, one will know what is happening to them after their death.

    No life without Sun

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    Your posting is right but with small correction as 'after the death' as we will not be here to worry. According to me, we have to do the needful and best things to others especially for our parents,childrens. Many of us do not care our parents when they live but feeling after their depart. Adhi Shankara explained the struggles faced by a mother in His 'Matru shodasee'.
    There is no equivalent thing in this world above caring parents in their lifetime.
    Famous person steve Job felt much when he was in deathbed about usefulness to others and he wrote on his last time by requesting everybody to become useful to others while living.

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    When a person is born in the world, he will have responsibilities in his life, by studying and graduating from school and college. After that he finds a job and get settled in a company and then he marries a girl and life is settled. For each person goals will be different and it is good to live happily with what we have in our life and enjoy it.
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    Mr.Sun, nice thoughts. In your entire thread, the biggest enigma for most humans is the line 'save a reasonably good sum for your future'.

    The goalpost in life keeps changing, reality sinks in once we are married and slowly weaned off from just being members of a family to actually running a family.

    Life keeps throwing up expenses and expectations for all in the family. At times for adults, it becomes very confusing as to where to draw the line. A basic house, emergency fund, health and life insurance policy, children's education, retirement fund all these are constantly in the thoughts of people who earn ethically and want to save for their families.

    For many tradition middle-class families, it's around 45-50 years by the time we get a grip on the finances and can think about enjoying ourselves. So, it is very difficult to balance who much to save and how much to spend in enjoyment.

    So, what most families do is have an annual holiday, a couple of short trips cum family function related travels, some new purchases for children and modestly enjoy the festivals, looking beyond this would be a dream for many in life. I'm sure the Almighty would understand us.

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    I should thank ISC for getting the thread selected for special prize for the week.
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