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    Is the MonteCrypto Bitcoin Enigma game challenge a fraud?

    Have you ever heard about the game 'MonteCrypto or Bitcoin Enigma?'
    The game is available at just Rupees 80 for PC's version and Rupees 140 for Android and iOS.
    According to Game Developer source, they will award the player who first finish the 25 mind bending puzzle maze in one hour.
    The features of the game are tabulated below.
    1. Be the first to solve all enigmas and win one genuine Bitcoin!
    2. 24 mind-bending enigmas
    3. Share in-game hints with other players and work together/ or slow others down by leading them to dead-ends
    4. Atmospheric steam punk scenario
    5. The big treasure hunt!
    Is this genuine? The news is vague. On the top of that, why would a game developer reward genuine Bitcoin worth $11,850.80 i.e. Rupees 7 Lakhs just to complete the enigmas. This is impossible to finish in 1 hour without the maze map and if he can, it will take ages to draw the 25 enigmas maze map even after memorising.

    Another fishy thing is why they aren't offering the game for free if they are capable of rewarding such a big amount to play and win the game.

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    This is not reliable in my opinion. If they can give such a big money they might have offered the game for free. But they are asking you to pay for playing. It is again a way of making money by showing a big amount as a prize money. The chances of a person completing the game in an hour appear to be impossible. That may be the reason to keep such a big amount of prize money. As far as I am concerned I will be always away from such things which are not reliable and genuine. Let us wait for the opinions of other people also on this particular subject.
    always confident

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    Never believe on line transactions or games. They may have inner agenda to cheat you later, On the face value they create interest and once you are in their fold the cheating would start slowly.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I love puzzle games and tried all the award winning games by usto, Amanita Design, Noodlecake Studios, Playrix etc. Their games are quite challenging where player has to put all their imagination to go through levels. Most puzzles games are tedious but it's worth playing since a player earns knowledge.

    The Enigma seems quite intriguing but sad or vague to learn that it is fraud. If they offer the game for free then I would have tried.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    To me, it sounds just like the traditional lottery ticket. many buyers(layers here) and one jackpot(bitcoin). As long as you are not asked to make any further payments, this game would be worth a try.

    The developers of this game (Gem Rose accent) may just be using the power of simple marketing of their product. Offer a big prize at the end for the best performer and it would attract a huge auidence

    If you say, its 140 rupees/game download, it would roughly take around 5000 users to generate the money of the bitcoin prize.

    I've not played it, but it would be tough. Has anyone won so far?

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