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    Do you prefer reading recipe or watching cookery videos?

    Irrespective of gender, many are experimenting in the kitchen and are coming up with many new dishes. There are different versions of traditional recipes too. We always find a column for recipes in magazines and also cookery shows in almost all TV channels. On the internet, we see cooking blogs as well as YouTube channels dedicated to cooking. In blogs, in addition to the text, I see the recipes with step by step pictures, which helps in easy understanding.

    When I was new to cooking, I found that reading the recipes came handy, because while doing the process itself, I used to get confused with the ingredients mentioned. It was easy for me to search the ingredient and get translation etc on another tab. Also, in those initial times, when I looked at the videos, I could find the cooking experts giving alternate ingredient ideas, comparisons to other recipes or other versions which used to be very irritating to me. So, I preferred blogs for new recipes.

    Now, I am comfortable with cooking videos, especially to see the batter consistency, food texture etc. Still, I avoid the lengthy videos but is very much attracted to mute videos which are supported with text in it.

    Now my questions: Do you prefer reading recipes or watching cookery videos?
    Is it advisable to write recipe articles in ISC?
    What if the word count does not meet the article rule? I know the article word count should be between 500-1000 words. Still, is there any exception for recipes?
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    Your questions and my answers
    1. Do you prefer reading recipes or watching cookery videos?
    Since I am a male assisted by my wife and children, I do not prefer reading or watching recipes or cookery videos.
    2. Is it advisable to write recipe articles in ISC?
    Yes. You are welcome to write recipe articles in ISC article section.
    3. What if the word count do not meet the article rule?
    ISC has relaxed the word count for recipe articles. It could be of any length. Only the recipe matters.

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    I like reading a recipe as it can be done while doing the actual preparation. It is very handy to read it from a magazine or even mobile phone.

    In my spare time I even watch cookery shows where you can see it as a tutorial and learn the subtleties.

    I have posted a few recipes in ISC and they are approved. One of them is Delicious custard recipe.

    There is not a hard and fast rule for the length of it but if you write a recipe with good details and other related material to it then it generally reaches the threshold of 500 words.

    I was earlier publishing my recipes in woman's magazine so for me it was not difficult to write for ISC.

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    Even though I never cook in the kitchen, I like reading recipes in magazines and watching videos for this. There is a TV channel of ETV which gives various recipes every day. Once in a while, we will be watching these videos.
    You can write articles related to various recipes of dishes and submit on ISC. I don't think anything above 300 words may be good to submit on this site.

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    What I feel that if you watch the cooking done on the television, you will remember the process of making step by step and thus even try the menu at home. But reading the cookery wont help that much.
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    No, I don't read the recipes. I don't watch food preparation on television either. But my daughter watches the programmes on television and occasionally tries these dishes. And she generally becomes successful in preparing those dishes.
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    Once I learnt Dal Palak by viewing & I made it & was good.

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    I used to read recepies in magazines and papers as well watch cookery programs in televisions. From this sometimes we can get novel ideas as well new items. I used to utilise the drained water after boiling vegetables for sambar and the same was later told as good in one programme.

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    Some of the most watched TV programs include cook shows. We loved the Masterchef program wherein contestants have to cook as per the rules and by a process of elimination, one becomes the winner.

    For those who are not cooking regularly, such activities can be a de-stressing exercise on a Sunday or a holiday. I try my hand at something regularly on a free day, just preparing a dish with the basic process being the same but the ingredients a mix of whatever that is available at the time in the kitchen and the fridge. I've used noodles and pasta in some leftover chicken gravy, with spring onions and ginger that tasted good.

    So,if one likes cooking, it's a good option to spend a little time alone or with children and experiment.

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    Regarding the subject matter of the theme, I do like watching the cookery shows on television though normally I am not required to cook any dish practically. It is akin to window shopping. Just see and savor the visuals.
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    Good topic by the author. I was suppose to raise a topic in forum regarding recipe article but your forum cleared my doubts. Yes I do watch videos and read recipe's and even try them and make a note in my book about the ingredients and method.

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