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    Are the pets stress busters?

    Many people have pets. It appears that elders as well as children equally enjoy with them.

    Some people do not like keeping pets. They feel that they create lot of nuisance and dirtyness around.

    It is believed that keeping pets is a good hobby as it helps us to relieve our stress and tensions through them, by playing with them or engaging with them.

    What is your opinion about this?
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    It is good to have some pets in the house. We will have some enjoyment with them.
    We used to have two tortoises in our house. We used to have some fun with them. Offering them food and making them crawl on the floor. My wife and my sons used to take up the cleaning work once in a week or so. We used to have a lot of fun with them.
    But whenever we have to go out of the station we used to face the problem. We have to entrust the feeding work to someone. Then we have to give them the keys of the house also. So recently we handed over those two some other family who are interested in having them.
    My sister is having 2 pet dogs by name SIVA and BHIRAVA. They constantly guard the house. My sister gives pulkas to them as food. They got accustomed to that food.

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    What I have observed that those who does not have the children or their grand children away, they would love to own pets and see them as children. Opposite to my house one family is there and they have no children. She rears 7 dogs as pets and she talks with them and even play with them. So is so fond of the dogs that she wont allow others to criticize the dogs. The dogs wont allow any one to pass through her house and thus due to fear of dog bite, she has been discarded by the society members and she is not called for any function or program. Even such kind of fanatics are danger to the society.
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    Pets are often like extension of the person or the family. It's not just an animal, it's part of the lives of the people. When we say pets people often think of dogs and cats. It can be fishes, birds etc. People love pets but the problem for some starts after they actually bring home the pets and start looking after them.

    If one cannot be responsible enough to take care of the daily needs of the pets, they should not venture into it. Pets are a very good companion to help us out of stress, loneliness and boredom.

    Based on personal experience, having an aquarium of colorful lives fishes (need not be the expensive ones) is very good. We just have to switch off the other lights and just look at them swimming around. time spent to care of them, feeding them is time well spent away from the stress of daily live and profession.

    Dogs and parrots are good friends for humans who need a lively being around them, they make people happy, laugh and interact like a good friend.

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    It is an individual choice that some people like pets while others hate them and are annoyed with them.

    As regards their role in stress-busting, it is an established fact. Pets are great companions for lonely people. They are great friends in old age even helping in petty matters. For sentimental people, they prove very helpful as a friend.

    A pet owner establishes an affectionate link with his pet and it becomes like a family member to him.

    Knowledge is power.

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