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    An auto driver with generous mind

    In books I have read there were people with great mind though they were in poverty. Today I happened to see similar person. I travelled in a share auto in our area. They normally charge Rs.10 per head and the charge is same for getting down at any distance. In the auto which I travelled there were four school children also boarded at intervals. They all got down at the entrance of the school and gave each five rupees. On continuing I asked the driver whether they known to him earlier. He replied that he normally charge five rupees only from any students and further he added that was his pleasure in helping students to the possible extent. I openly appreciated him.
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    There are people who are good and wanted to help the poor, needy and students. I know many poor people who earn their daily livelihood by hard means also will help the people to their capacity. Once I was travelling in a bus and there was a person who got into the bus. He has given Rs.10/- to the conductor. But the conductor told the ticket is Rs.15/-. But that person told that he doesn't have any further money. The conductor helped him by paying that Rs,5/- from his pocket. I have seen many conductors who will not give the change of Rs.1/- or Rs.2/-. But that conductor was giving everybody the exact change. I really felt happy to see such kind of a conductor. So there are people who will be always trying to help others.
    Really we should appreciate such people who help the people who are in need.

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    There are people around us who help us in silent and wont boast off. This auto driver is also on that lines. Normally small children are cheated as they are weak in calculation , but this auto driver was generous.
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    This autodriver obviously cannot take people for free everyday but he is kind hearted and is charging less for them.

    Similarly, I've seen bus drivers who stop the bus for a lady or school child who is comes running after the bus has moved off the bus-stop.

    Yes, there are many such good auto rickshaw personnel who help people in whatever way they can. I've seen autos with writings on the back 'free ride to hospital for women going for their childbirth'.

    I've also seen few auto drivers who come first to the aid of accident victims, shift them to the hospital and call their relatives.This is when public would be hesitant to come to their aid.

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    You should see a Movie of Rajnikanth and understand the good character and quality of an auto driver. Many auto drivers are helpful while very few are rogues and greedy to earn to build Rome in one day.
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    We must appreciate the generosity of such auto drivers, so much considerate to the students.

    These are the incidents in the society which make us believe that good citizens still exist in the society and the joy of watching these good people doing noble deeds is a real pleasure.

    I thank the author to bring such episode in the forum for vide publicity and applause.

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    There are few people who are very generous and helps the poor and needy as much as they can. I have seen some auto drivers like that who doesn't think even once before lending a helping hand. At my native, there is an auto driver who is not physically like all of us. But he works hard and rides the auto. Not only that he is very helping and never says no to anyone. He even came at midnight when our neighbour called to take to the hospital for their daughters delivery.

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