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    Shame: Selfie with a man while assaulting him mortally

    The man had become mentally unstable. He became a nomad. He used to live at Attapady in Palakkad district. He used to eat after begging for food. Often he didn't eat at all. He was a tribal. People of the area knew him well. He never harmed anyone. His name was Madhu.

    On 22nd February, Madhu was caught by some people. They tied him. They searched his bag to find stolen food. Simultaneously they started beating him and taking selfie with him. Ultimately Madhu collapsed.

    The Police reached the spot and took Madhu in the police vehicle. He died in the vehicle.

    Out of around fifteen present on the spot, the police has so far arrested only two named K. Hussain and P.P. Abdul Kareem. The local youth who took a selfie while Madhu was being beaten, has been linked with the local MLA, N. Shamsudheen of Indian Union Muslim League.

    Can the police arrest other people present on the spot enjoying this terrible fun? Only Pinarayi Vijayan knows.
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    Kerala once known for high culture and education combined with decency and decorum has now become rogue state as day in day out we are getting all sorts of news which highly affect the morale of the people. The other day one video which gone viral has the famous actress blinking her eye in a class room and doing all sorts of romantic gestures and thus brought bad name to the state. And now brutally assaulting a person on the pretext of a robber and then leaving him dead and also taking selfies in the process is something only illiterates can do. High time the people of that sate prove their mantle.
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    This inhuman, barbaric act is a disgrace for the entire nation. Where are we headed? And where are the members of ''Not In My Name'' brigade?
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    This is a ghastly incident. What is happening to the human values in India? This type of inhuman incidents are on the rise in our country. The recent killings in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and elsewhere in the country are shameful. What the government and police are doing? The apathy of the public is also a major cause in the spurt of criminal activities by the unsocial elements. The image of our country is being tarnished because of these incidents. The governments concerned should take stern and swift action to curb such activities.
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    Are we living in the 21st Century? We say we are very advanced? But is it the advancement? Frequently these days we are hearing this type of news. They should be condemned. The people who are responsible for these types of activities are to be punished irrespective of their standing in the society. Many people are getting scared by hearing this news. The governemnt has to be very rigid and take very serious action on the culprits. Otherwise, people will never care about any rules and regulations. They don't bother about the police and they will do whatever they feel. The police should act tough and immediately put all the culprits behind bars.
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    Latest update: The State Government has been forced to order a magisterial inquiry into the murderous assault. So far sixteen people have been arrested.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    It's sad that such things happen around the country. Three things come to my mind after reading this story of an unnecessary death.

    1. Selfie: In such situations is grossly inhumane and demeaning, instead, the same citizen can question the beating or video record and give it to the police (not news channels) to help that justice (although delayed) is carried out.

    2. Mob fury: It's quite easy for people to get carried away when they catch a suspect or petty thief and everyone eggs the others around to get into the act of hitting or abusing the suspect. This should be discouraged.

    3. Taking the law into one's hands: Indian citizens are often angered and annoyed with minimal punishment or the easy ways criminals( abusers and rapists) use to escape from stringent punishments. In such situations where the crowd catches a suspect, they tend to dish out 'raw' justice that often involves serious injuries or death, like in this case.

    It's also embarrassing to the official machinery that pressure from human right groups or social media outcry is needed to take action.

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    I would request the author to name all those involved and not the only ones his communal spectacles see.
    Here are the names just in case - Aboobacker, Ubaid, Shamsudheen, Najeeb, Radhakrishnan, Jaijumon, Sidheeq, Hussein, Marakkar, Abdul Kareem, Aneesh, Sajeev, Hareesh, Biju, Muneer, and Satheesh.

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    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Secular people are heading the right way by calling a spade a spade and not indulging in name calling. But blatant communal people have lost any sense of shame and have forgotten the ethos on which their country is based.
    The "Shame" that this thread mention is for all that whole mob who lynched the poor man as well as these ill people of society who can find communal colors even in such gruesome incidents.

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    The so-called secular, liberal, educated people fail to check the date when the thread was posted. Till 24th February, 2018, only two people were arrested and the thread named them. This does happen with educated liberals.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Hiding behind name calling is the usual tactic of people like you. Even on the date of posting this, it was known that more than 10 people were part of the mob. But those hell-bent on spreading hatred against the minority like you will leave no chance to wait for the complete information and try to spread your propaganda.

    Educated people wait for the complete information and try to find optimism even in the worst of circumstances and do not take advantage of the situation
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