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    What do you think Learning really means

    We know that learning is a process of acquiring knowledge. But what does it exactly mean? We are learning from the time we were born.
    Do you think learning is a process of acquiring knowledge and teaching others?

    Do you think learning is to study something by-heart it to pass an examination?

    Do you think that learning is just mugging up the answers for questions?

    If you think so, then you are wrong. This is because I think we don't know what exactly learning means.
    "Learning" means- Human interaction with environment that results in a permanent change in behavior.

    It could change your life, revolutionize your thinking, alter your perspectives, develop your career, enrich your personal relationships, enhance your happiness. It all happens, if you want to change. You can learn from your, home, college, school, friends, teachers, neighbors, animals, birds, books, movies etc. In whatever way one learns, if it does not result in behavior modification, it is not learnt at all!

    Never stop learning.
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    In my opinion, learning is the process of human interaction with environment or another human being and acquiring new skills. The new skill may bring in the change in your behaviour or may not. Each learning will give you more understanding and lead you to a better position.
    Learning is not reading books and writing exams. Learning should lead to an understanding which will help you in becoming matured and getting a better understanding of the situation and behaving as per the situation.

    always confident

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    For me and others, learning is the continued process of getting the things done and knowing it better to use then. We have been learning things on daily basis and there is no denial about it. By learning we not only acquire knowledge but pass on that legacy to others. Learning is something which is learned for the future and not to by-heart. Learning is for remembering and not for forgetting. And a good learner always changes his attitude after coming to know the draw backs in his living process. And learned persons are respected in the society and the person should live according to what he has learned.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We are into some business in order for us to do certain transactions like earning money. This money can be obtained through various means like doing job in a certain field like into sales or finance or this could engineering or medical, could be anything. As per you understanding of the subject & your capability you chose your field & gain knowledge. This is the very basis of your learning because this also relates to your livelihood. You remain an average person till you get specialized one.

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    In Tamil Great Poet Avvaiyar told,'katrathu kaiyalavu kallaathathu kadalalavu' which means what we have learnt is to the level of our fist but remaining is to the ocean level.
    Great poet and spiritual Guru Kabir told once that He had so many Guru's as He learning many things from many persons.
    Learning is a continuous process and ends with the death of one as told by one scholar.

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    Ture learning starts from the stage of the unborn child to the person spending the last few months of his life. Learning should be for the betterment of one's self and the world around us.
    Most of us equate learning to the knowledge that is gained in the school or college like the environment and hence the true scope and depth of the learning process are underestimated.

    Even a man on his deathbed learns to forgive people and learns to give up grudges. This enables him to gain peace in the last few days of his life. So, gaining knowledge a byproduct of learning should be one of the key aims, this knowledge should help us to have a meaningful life, a good livelihood, a good social life and enable us to preserve our environment that we live in. Most of the learning is informal throughout life apart from the formal education early in our lives.

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