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    Like father, like son

    Do you remember that great leader who said that Indian Army soldiers 'can rape'? Maybe some of the Members (of ISC) remember the name of the great leader, Mr. Kodiyeri Balakrishnan. He is the Kerala State Secretary of CPI(M).

    Now, his (elder) son has proved to be his worthy successor. How? The father belittled India by making the above remark. The son has also belittled India. A travel ban has been imposed by a Dubai court against Mr. Binoy Kodiyeri, the elder son of Mr. Balakrishnan, in a cheating case filed by a Gulf-based tourism company. Mr. Binoy Kodiyeri, presently in Dubai, has been asked to deposit his passport to the court following the ban imposed on 1st February, 2018. Dubai-based JAAS Tourism had alleged that Mr. Binoy Kodiyeri had cheated the company of Rs.13 crores.

    Earlier Mr. Kodiyeri Balakrishnan had stated that there was no case against his elder son Binoy in Dubai and complained that the media was giving misleading reports in this regard.

    Like father, like son.
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    It is reported that money was borrowed for a luxury car and business. While we wait for clear details, it is common for children of influential people to use the family's clout to raise capital, start business ventures, get tenders allocated to them etc.
    The people also agree to these ventures either for personal gain(from the family's political influence) or at times a fear of reprisal.

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    And I thought Communists were ordinary citizens and never stoop to the level of corruption and cheating. But they have also proved my notion wrong. The other day I have seen Communist leader Narayana seeking the advise of astrologer on his future. Yesterday he was gifted with heavy garland of money. All this portrays that Communists also changed their ideology and going the way of other parties. Leaders like Jyoti Basu and others were good and gone. I even respect Manik Sarkar for his simple living without any property or bank balance. But what is going on in Kerala is something not in tow with Communists ideals.
    K Mohan
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    Nothing to wonder about. The Tamil saying 'Thayai pola pillai, Noolai polai Salei" stands good. (Child as the mother, and the saree as the thread) Here we can alter and read " Appanai pola pillai"(Son as the father)
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    The son will follow the footsteps of the father. These days more than the political leaders their sons and family members are making merry by using the name of their parent. They are trying to get all the benefits and advantages of his father being a leader. If we see the leaders like Lal Bahadur Sastry, who never allowed his children to use their name and get the advantages. Gone are the days. These days are completely different.
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