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    Tensions have been running high

    Tensions have been running high between Beijing and New Delhi as the two nations continues to wrestle for greater influence over the Maldives. The rivalry escalated after Maldivian president Mr Abdulla Yameen signed up to China's One Belt One Road initiative. This move will see China pumping billions of dollars into new trade initiative. Spat continued after 11 Chinese warships entered into Indian Ocean in a massive show of strength.
    To counter China's growing influence in the Indian Ocean, India creates terrifying new island military base at Seychelles, north of Madagascar as a major warning to China. The facility off the coast of Africa will include an airbase as well as naval installtaions.The new military base at Assumption Island Seychelles is expected to be used as a staging post for the Indian Navy, allowing ships to refuel and refit. This location is a major strategic chokepoint between major shipping lines. Half of the world's oil supply passes through these lanes every day. Reported Express UK.
    All these show of strength leading to where? I would like to know the opinion of our members.
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    Although this is quite alarming but expected. Both China and India have been rapidly becoming powerful, both in terms of economic and military. And as powerful nations, they are trying to expand their areas of influence. Both are trying to fill up the void caused by gradual weakening of Russia, Britain and France and the USA getting bogged down in middle-east and in Afghanistan & Pakistan. China clearly does have an upper hand due to its decisive rulers (decision-makers) for last thirty years. India was lagging behind due to its weak and indecisive political leadership. But under the present set of rulers, India is rapidly closing the gap.
    The above comment is based upon my understanding the situation as a student of International Relations.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    For, India, the tough and potentially dangerous enemy is not Pakistan but China. China's might is better than India in terms of growth, army, economy, productivity, and trade.
    China is doing everything possible short of a formal armed confrontation. It is creating issues for India on various fronts like international border(road building, river diversion, intrusion), trade (stealing on contracts), internal economy (dumping of huge volumes of many raw materials and products), supporting our enemies( recently China helped Pakistan to avoid getting a rogue nation-state with respect to terrorism).

    India has to present itself not as a contender to China but a strong nation after China in this part of the world. While we grow in stature among the international community, we should not forget that China is like a loose canon that wouldn't mind doing anything to disrupt India's progress and position. So, yes the race is on, if India isn't cautious and united, it would find itself as a victim of the malevolent intentions of China,

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