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    The top 3 TV Shows to watch to sharpen your mind

    With Netflix and Amazon Prime occupying a major part of our lives, here are 3 best TV Shows to watch that are not only entertaining, but will also give you an insight into various aspects of life-
    1. Entourage
    The show revolves around a Movie actor and his close friends and agent. It shows how a group of friends remain the same irrespective of the ups and downs of life.
    2. Suits
    The character of Harvey Spector is one every person will want to try to impersonate , along with the brain of Mike Ross which forgets literally nothing
    3.White Collar
    The charm of Neil Caffrey along with his teamwork with Peter Burke proves how a criminal and a cop can work best together , and eventually it is the heart that matters.
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    The above three shows seems to be interesting but most of the Indians are habituated to Hindi serials on various channels or regional channels and thus never had the chance to see above shows.
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    The glory of time is inits power to change everything.
    With education being laid so much emphasis on, and the the general development of the nation, as well as the growth in every sector including the entertainment industry , it will not be surprising to see villagers watching TV Shows on Netflix in the foreseeable future.

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    Many times we watch TV programmes related to music and news and rarely watch other shows. My son watches the shows mentioned in the post regularly. But I never watched those shows. My interest is more towards Music programmes and new items. In Telugu ETV channel a wonderful program by SP Balu by name Paduta Teeyaga is getting telecast almost from last 20 years. I watch that program which gives place to many upcoming singers to showcase their skills here.
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    There are hundreds of TV channels running many thousand programmes/shows. Most of them are useless while few are useful to us in our life. I do not know ABCD of the shows you have quoted. Be satisfied with the show that you watch.
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    Each family has their own favorites to watch on TV for entertainment or fun or for learning. For us, it's about relaxing and getting kids interested in.

    In our home, we loved scrubs and house and end up watching re-runs or some episodes on the net. Now we spend time primarily on one cartoon movie or a new episode. Then we watch NatGeo series that have excellent viewing satisfaction and gives us new information, kids love it.Try watching some on survival, deep sea game fishing, sharks 'dance of death etc, it's amazing. Sometimes we watch extreme engineering or migration series that are too good to be missed.
    By the time kids finish watching it for an hour or so, it would be time for the news or current affairs and then the day's quota is over. So, for us regular serials wherein following the plot is important is out of the question.

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    The problem is people have different tastes in TV shows. "Sharpen your mind" isn't just going to happen if you watch thrillers.
    You have to participate. That means, quiz shows and game shows.
    Moreover sharpen your mind means many things. If you're talking about creativity, I know a 12 dozen shows that accomplish that.
    You need to be specific which part of mind you're referring to.

    I didn't like Suits. It has an unrealistic take. There's a thing called Law and Suits frequently forget about it. With such an unrealistic take how am I going to sharpen my mind?
    I didn't watch the other two. I'll try to.

    I have a suggestion for you.
    Watch ,
    1. House M.D
    2. Who's line is it anyway
    3. Sherlock (obviously right?)

    These three shows emphasise us to act creative.
    We all have our own tastes and ways to do things.

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