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    What is the one thing people must do during their lifetime?

    I agree that the question posed in this thread is not a less challenging one to answer.

    However, with a view to initiate the discussion, I say that humans must ensure during their lifetime that their children become more worthy than themselves. It is a tall order indeed.

    Generally, people fail to fully appreciate the fact that time once gone, doesn't comes back. In case they are not ensuring that the set target is achieved, by fully focussing on the education and career development of their children, even at the cost of their personal comfort, there remains nothing but utter misery at the fag end of the life. Unfortunately, at that stage nothing can be done.

    However, I am open to all kinds of suggestions.

    What is the one thing people must do during their lifetime?
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    For every one of us the life is different. For some the initial years are very good as the parents would help us to cope with finance and personal difficulties. For some the fag end of their life would be bright as by virtue of good returns after retirement, the seniors would like to have contented life. But what I feel , as a parent we may not have good education as our parents were not well off, but given the situation and competition , we are bound to give best education to the children for their future. Whether they would realise the great sacrifice of the parents in the process, we are bound to do our duties. And what else a parent wants when the children progress well with good education, and later good job. As the life progress, we have to attend to every challenges faced by the children and that is ultimate aim of every parent.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    To learn live your life free of worries & doubt that money won't give anyone ever.

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    Live and let live. Do whatever good you can to others. In can be helping the deprived ones,morally or financially. It can be educating the uneducated, Help the disabled.
    It is not necessary that a person can do good only by the power of money, kind and soothing words too help heals ones mind.

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    In our life as a son/ daughter, we should see that our parents are comfortable in their lives when they attain their old age. When our parents are young, they struggled for us and they always tried to bring us up and with their sufferings, we all will settle well in our lives. So it is our minimum duty to see that they will not suffer in the fag-end of their lives. As a parent, we all should see that our children will be in a better position than us. A parent feels proud when the see his children in a better position than him. So we should see that our children we get a good education and they will settle well in their lives. We have to nurture them in such a way that they will never get distracted from the good deeds in the life. They should have values and respect the morals. As a parent, we will be very happy when we see our children raised in their life to good heights and spend a decent and good life.
    When as a child and as a parent if we perform our duties properly I feel we will also have a sound and peaceful life in our fag of life.

    always confident

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    During our life, we should inculcate some good hobbies so that in the fag end of life, we do not sit bitten by the boredom and disgust with the emptiness around. What could be such a hobby? A difficult question but people have got an answer for that. Reading books, listening radio, creative writing etc are a few where one can occupy himself depending upon his physical abilities.

    This is one thing which I feel we should try to achieve for ourselves so that the life, at that fearful juncture also becomes meaningful.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Mr KK,
    You are a thorough self oriented gentlemen to care your own family and children only. The purpose in our life is not to produce or generate children and care them until your death. We should be broadminded to achieve something great. What you said is something that is normal in our life. As we give birth, we are to care.

    It will be great if we offer food to a starving guy. It will be great if we help to educate our neighbours child. It will be great if we provide a shelter to a needy. Never refuse a beggar. Provide him whatever you can.

    Further, get ourselves educated. Learn some art to please others. Never hurt others. Let people love us forever. This is what we should achieve in our life, in our life time.

    No life without Sun

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    The title of the thread is a little open to being misunderstood because there are many things people should do or expected to do during their lifetimes. Similarly, there are many things that we 'should not'do in life. But both keep happening around us.
    For me, if there is one thing that encompasses many other good virtues, then it would be 'trying hard to become a good human being in life'. This is the one thing that looks very simple but equally difficult to practice in life.

    Imagine, if people were good human beings, we would not have had the PNB scam, we would not have the killing of the tribal boy in Kerala or the abuse of the pregnant women.
    If people around us we good human beings then we would not have problems at the borders or the terrorism issues. If people around women where good human beings, then we wouldn't have rape or sexual abuse in the country.
    So, the one thing that we can all strive to do in life is 'just be a good human being'.

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    We should not aim at being a good human being only, but try to earn a good name and fame among the people surrounding you. We may not be in the good or bad books of all Indians, but we can strive hard to be a good human being at the street level or village level. Apart from your family members, you should be a well known figure to the others (not your relatives and friends).

    No life without Sun

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    Agreed Mr.SuN, we should earn name and fame. I think, if you are just a good human being, both (name and fame) will follow you automatically for the right reasons. We may not be known at the national level but at least at the local or the city level, we would be known.

    I know of good people who are retired but take tuitions free of cost for some children of the housemaids, they regularly give clothes and food during festivals, instead of celebrating for themselves, they chip in helping with the administrative work of the locality without being asked for. These people have the utmost respect of all the neighbours and the admiration of the housekeeping staff.
    There will be many such people known at various levels who just do one thing, being a good human being.

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    The one thing humans must do in their lifetime is - questioning their existence.
    This is called the "existential crisis ". The answer given by your conscience will either change the way you look at life or send you into deep despair.
    But without asking this painful question, attaining self-awareness is impossible.
    Question yourself why that you deserve better than others? Question why is your life the way it is?

    Being good or bad is secondary. Be efficient in doing whatever you are doing.
    That's the mantra of success.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    I think the one thing humans must ensure during their lifetime is to do/ don't do something about which they have to regret at a later stage when the same cannot be done/ not done. Almost all of us do regret at some point (mostly at the fag end) in our life about doing/ not doing something but then a moment gone is a moment lost and the damage would in all probability be irreparable. So, take life seriously and think before you utter a word or make a move forward or backward.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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