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    Which are important National duties or IPL matches?

    Are Indian senior players scared of losing Tri-nation series held in Sri Lanka? that is why BCCI playing drama for resting Senior Players even though they lose they will tell that their main players are rested for the Tri-nation series. Can't Indian senior players take rest for Indian Premier League matches and attend for Tri-Nation series for National duties that will be held from March 5th, 2018 in Sri Lanka that means it's a clear sign of fixing. Which are important National duties or IPL matches?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    For a performing team like India, they need not get scared for the matches being played anywhere in the world. Our players are totally fit and can perform even at short notice. We are all public and does not know the strategy of the board for every big cricket event. There is a selection committee, organising committee and above all, the captain would be consulted and there cannot be any doubt on fitness or whatsoever. And as regards to National duties kindly specify what are there ? And as a fan of Team India we are bound to enjoy the playing abilities and nothing more than that.
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    ''Can't Indian senior players take rest for Indian Premier League matches and attend for National duties that will be held from March 5th, 2018 in Sri Lanka that means it's a clear sign of fixing. ''-What does it mean? I seriously think the author is slowly becoming paranoid.

    However, BCCI and IPL must prepare the fixture in such a way that international matches and IPL matches do not clash.

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    Sri Lanka will win the Tri-Nation series No doubt about it.The above two authors can they quit writing in ISC If Sri Lanka wins If India wins I will quit writing in ISC.Is Challenge Accepted. National Duties means to play for the Country.They can take rest during IPL matches. When South Africa Toured India India lost one-day series and T-20 series and now India Toured South Africa Indi a won those two series go and check history first and then talk.
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    First of all, BCCI should see that there will not be any clash between IPL matches and International matches. The timetable should be made in such a way that players are available for all the matches. If they want to give rest, they have to give to the whole team from all the matches. It is fair.
    But taking rest or playing is the prerogative of the individual player and that depends on his stamina. Nobody can question them. If BCCI is not conducting the matches and no IPL also, the players who want to play can go and play in any other countries' clubs and play in their teams. Like IPL, the other countries will also conduct cub matches the players can play for these clubs.
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    Bhushan, please note that repeated threads about match fixing by BCCI without any evidence to prove the same is becoming monotonous. I think we have had enough discussions on the point and members have had their say. There does not appear to be any point in hanging on to the same issue without any valid or substantial grounds. You said the same thing when the Indian team was in South Africa and now you go on to repeat it when the matches against Sri Lanka are scheduled in March. Please refrain from posting similar threads repeatedly. This thread is being locked.
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