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    Why almost equal time is required for completing a BDS course and a MBBS course?

    To be frank, nobody could explain me convincingly as to why almost equal time is required in completing a BDS course and a MBBS course. My confusion is based on the fact that in a MBBS course, medical treatment of full body including heart, brain, kidneys, lungs etc. are taught whereas in a BDS course only teeth are covered.

    As far as specialisation is concerned, that is required in the dental science courses also. Normally only a BDS pass dentist practices only cleaning of teeth, uprooting aching tooth and at the most root canal treatment.
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    It is a sincere doubt. Myself also thought many times about this issue. Probably in BDS also they may be covering general medical practices and other general subjects in a related field and in the last two years they may be going for Dental sciences. I have a known dentist who is practising near my house. This time I will try to pose this question to him and try to get a correct answer. A very interesting point.
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    Being a dentist with BDS is not about filling teeth and root canal treatment, these are just the common things a dentist does. The dentists need to be aware of other systems in the body and how they influence the practice of dentistry. There are like physicians and surgeons for the teeth and part of the face around the oral cavity.

    Some of them study further (MDS) to become Maxillo-facial surgeons.So, they need a sound basis of how to treat a disease of the teeth medically and surgically in humans. This is similar to the MBBS doctor knowing about treating diseases in humans.

    In the first and second year both MBBS and BDS student study common topics like anatomy, embryology, histology, pathology, microbiology, pharmacology etc.

    The BDS, later on, focus on medicine, surgery, radiology, orthopaedics and public health focused to dentistry. The dental students also are exposed to dental implants, materials for the crown and bridge and the focussed areas related to dentistry. Instead of this, the MBBS students study ophthalmology, ENT, Skin, General orthopaedics, obstetrics and gynaecology.

    So, the pre-clinicals, part of the para-clinicals years of training are the same for BDS and MBBS, the latter part of the para-clinicals and the clinicals during the course change with an obvious focus on their areas of practice.

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    #627607 - '.......the MBBS students study ophthalmology, ENT, Skin, General orthopaedics, obstetrics and gynaecology....'

    This is the point. The MBBS students are able to study anatomy and physiology of full body, whereas irrespective of the syllabus of the first and second year of the BDS course, the medical practice of dentists remain confined to teeth only which are relatively much less complicated part of the human body compared to heart, kidneys, lungs, liver, brain, eyes etc.

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    What I understand from my knowledge and know how that , in BDS too the students are exposed to study those topics which are being taught to the MBBS students but much thrust would be given to dental science. Because a dental doctor must be aware about everything about a patient before attending operation to the teeth. When I approached a dentist to remove my shaking tooth, the doctor sought the report of cardiologist and other doctors to ensure treatment to me. That way a basic idea must be there for the dentist doctor and hence the course time is on par with the MBBS.
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    If the author ask such question, it is the ignorance on the part of author. BDS has vast syllabus and coverage. They too has study about full body (anatomy), pathology, anesthesia, medicines
    apart from many practicals such as tooth making, root canaal, fillings, bridging, implantation of tooth and so on. MDS has 12 specialization such as conservative dentistary, mexicifecial surgery, plastic surgery, setting jaw after accident involving tooth and jaw surgery. mouth cancer surgery and so on. The govt and the MCI is not fool to frame such a large syllabus. Do not see other's profession with suspicious lance. We should respect the dignity of labour. The dentist is more respectable in foreign countries such as America and australia and they are earning more than 10 lac per month.

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    Dentists are formally referred to as Oral Surgeon or Dental Surgeon.
    They have to deal with fractures of the jaw bone, complex problems which involve the tooth and the maxillary sinus, they have to deal with gum disorders. Dental Prosthetics is a seperate speciality in itself. The routine work we know is about tooth extraction and filling, there's a lot more to it.
    For instance if someone needs the tooth to be extracted, they have epilepsy, heart valve disease, high BP, Thallessmia (blood disorder) or an infectious disease, the dental surgeon should be able to assess what the general condition is and then only plan tooth removal, so they do have to know the basics of the human body functions to ensure patient safety.

    Dental consultations and procedures are expensive, In England, the NHS ( national health service) offers free medical care to eligible residents but dental, people have to pay based on the level of care that is classified as bands.

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    One of my friends who studied BDS told me long back that contrary to common belief, the BDS students have to study almost the entire syllabus covered in MBBS with special emphasis on dental anatomy. So, it is quite natural that the duration of the course (BDS) is almost same of MBBS.
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    #627902 - MCI doesn't regulate dental education and profession.

    Except the first-year subjects like anatomy, physiology and biochemistry, there are no similarities between the syllabus in medical and dental colleges. A three years bridge course was proposed for BDS students to cross over to MBBS but that has not yet been found feasible.

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    #627994. regarding bridge courses for BDS to MBBS should be feasible because the Government has recently passed a bill that enables AYUSH (Ayurveda,Yoga,Unani,Siddha,Homeopathy) practitioners to practice allopathic medicine after 18 months of bridge training course.

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