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    Do you know anyone who originally creates/drafts social media messages?

    Like many of us, I am also active on social media like Facebook and WhatsApp etc. I visit such sites almost daily and see many new messages under circulation and being shared uninterrupted by many enthusiasts, with or without application of mind. However, it has to be acknowledged that some of such messages are really outstanding both in terms of the contents as well as in terms of design.

    Though I know few persons among my friends and acquaintances who are very active, almost to the extent of being incorrigible addicts, in sharing such messages, but none of them originally create or draft such messages.

    Do you know anyone who originally creates/drafts social media messages?
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    It is true many good messages are doing some many rounds in the social media and many of such messages are very good and interesting. Some are very thought provoking also. But as expressed by the author many people don't even completely go through the message and simply they will forward it. One of my Ex-colleague who is working in the HR department creates some such messages. He used to show me those messages and they are very interesting.
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    Where do the good social media messages come from?
    A very good question. It would be difficult to track where is it coming from because most of us just receive and forward without knowing a way to trace back to the originator.
    It could be someone, one among the millions of users of what's app or facebook etc, it could even be one from such forums like ISC.

    If we look logically, it takes a good amount of time and creativity to generate excellent messages, summaries based on data and findings, excellent moral and motivating messages. Some of them must be doing it just for creativity.
    But I personally feel time and creativity means money for such good quality. So, some service providers directly or indirectly pay people to generate these messages that finally find a way in and out of our mobiles. The other reason for my thoughts is that most of these messages do not have the authors name or the creators name.

    Who would generate such quality content and then send it anonymously day in and day out? Very few, hence my thoughts on a worldwide network of paid human creators.

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    As far as political messages are concerned, I think the same are created/drafted by paid employees working in media cells of major political parties. We often come across messages glorifying or condemning INC, BJP, AAP and such other major political parties.
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    What I understand that there are some dedicated people on the Internet who are habituated to create messages and posters as soon as something is noticed by them. For the government, since our PM Modi in tech savvy, the info graphics are being made and hoisted in the social sites through BJP account handle. Once a message is flashed, others would share the same and the message becomes viral. From my part too, I have made many messages made on current topics and circulated in the social media. Nevertheless some people are good creators of the messages and I cherish their intelligence.
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    I had this question in my mind for a long time too. I think they do. People do create these texts.
    Because there are games like "truth or dare" texts in whatsapp. So someone must have made it initially. Due to heavy circulation everyone started sharing.
    The same goes with vital videos and photos.
    You must be remembering, Priya Prakash Varrier. Due to mass whatsapp sharing she has become super-famous.
    Tracing the origin of these messages is as difficult as tracing the origin of universe.

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