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    How much practical it is to handle grandchildren?

    I have two grandchildren. The elder one is two and half years old. At times I find myself thoroughly incompetent and unable to manage her on my own for extended periods primarily because there is a mismatch between our energy levels.

    There is one more subtle factor. The kids primarily belong to their parents. It is a myth that grandparents can look after the children more adeptly. As far as love and affection is concerned, the same will generally be overflowing but the problem crepts in controlling the naughtier behaviour of the kids, an area where the incompetence becomes palpable.

    I believe that there are many ISCians who are blessed with the grandchildren. In case you are one of such fortunate grandfather, then please share your observations.
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    I have become grandfather just 4 months back. My elder son has become the father of a baby girl. I find it very enthusiastic to spend time with her. The way she laughs and moves her legs and hands it is very interesting to observe. The laugh which makes her mouth open which is without any teeth looks pretty and I love seeing her more and more. She generally spends more time with me. She will look for her mother only when she is hungry.
    But I don't have experience how these kids behave when they grow to one and half years or so.
    But I am seeing the kids who are 2 years old and their energy levels are very high these days and they are becoming very naughty these days. Really it is difficult to control them, I doubt. Sometimes some of the kids will be very mischievous and they never care for even their parents.

    always confident

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