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    What are featured articles?

    In the Home Page of India Study Channel, we can see some featured articles are mentioned. Some of my articles have also been mentioned in this category. I would like to know what are featured articles. How these articles are selected and what are the special characteristics of these articles. But I do understand that not all approved articles are featured articles. What are the additional benefits get by the authors of these featured articles?

    I would be grateful if any Editor or senior Member can explain the special features of the featured articles.. I would definitely try my best so that more articles of mine are chosen as featured articles.
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    If we try to get then the featured articles are considered to be some of the best articles. Focusing on an event or individual & ta the same time giving readers a chance to more fully understand some interesting dimension of that subject. Writing a feature article can be a highly creative and fun activity, but it does take hard work and planning to write an effective and engaging article. This can also be concerned with our very best work and is distinguished by professional standards of writing, presentation, and sourcing. So if your views are selected then congratulations.

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    The featured articles may be on special subjects and well written. Otherwise, the articles written on particular topics may also be classified as featured articles. But I am not clear how on this site will classify the articles as featured articles. Another classification may be the articles written by the superstars can be also classified as featured articles. When we conducted seminars we ask for papers to be published and presented in the seminars, From the received papers some are accepted for presentation and some are for poster presentation. The organisers will invite especially some big players in the field to present a paper and their paper will be kept under invited talks category. So invited talks will be of special nature from respected scientists in the particular area of the subject on which the seminar is focused. Similarly way the editors here may be classifying the articles from superstars as featured articles
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    According to me when we write off the mill stories or subjects and on approval that would automatically becomes the featured articles. That means there are huge scope for greater visits and thus revenue to the site.
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    No, Dr. Rao. Some of my articles are mentioned as featured articles and some are not. So, I want to know what are featured articles and how these articles are selected.
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    Replies to this would look out of context unless an editorial member clarifies this Mr.Partha. On the landing page or home page of any website, the best or the currently useful ones will be listed.

    Right now I can see the COMDEK UGET 2018 test for which the registrations are ongoing, so, this would be relevant for ISC as a Study related article for new visitors ( students and parents) and hence encourage them to click and read the article and pass on to others.

    Your article about changing from a failed to a new relationship is also relevant to the current public, some of them might be in the transition phase that you have well explained..

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    Yes, Mr. Natarajan. Right now, one of my articles is being mentioned as Featured Article and another one, viz., Old age charms of old havelis of Delhi, is categorised as Recent Article. The second article is not categorised as Featured Article. That is why I have asked for the clarification.
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    I am sharing here in this response as to what is my understanding or perception of the subject matter.

    The homepage of the ISC is like a dashboard where important highlights are showcased to reflect the character of the website for the benefit of the visitors. This page contains many things which are obvious like 'Recent Announcements', 'Recent Forum Threads' and 'Recent Articles' etc. in addition to items like 'Study Abroad with Scholarship', 'School Admissions 2018 - 2019 Academic Year' and 'Earn part time revenue' etc.

    As far as articles are concerned, in addition to 'Recent Articles', there is another title named 'Featured Articles' under which articles chosen by concerned editors are showcased. It may be based on an objective judgement of the editor concerned but is likely to take into account its revenue earning potential besides quality of contents etc.

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    I have been expecting a clarification from one of the concerned Editors. But till now, I have not received any.
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    I also do not know how feature articles are selected. I have not found any article of mine in feature article section. But one of my article how to become an excellent teacher was posted on the facebook page of ISC. I was very happy when I saw my article on the facebook page of ISC. I do not know my other articles are posted on the facebook page or not as I do not visit ISC facebook page regularly.
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