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    Does Government price capping benefit the Indian Consumer?

    Recently was reading about the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority in India and how it's cut down the prices of stents and implants for the benefit of the common man. This high cost looks more due to a combination of inflated MRPs and bulk discounts for the purchaser.

    If we think about this in the healthcare sector, its good for the patients(consumers). What about the other service sectors like IT, gadget accessories (for instance some of the branded ear-phones for mobiles looks so delicate but are quite expensive), laptops, alcohol, branded clothing or even fast food MNC. Does it really cost so much or is there a huge built-in margin in the other sectors also?

    When the NPPA(Government) can set the price cap on medical items, Why can't the government do the same for the other sectors too and help the common man?

    So, my question is, Can price capping work in India? Can we insist on this for other sectors too so that the burden of expenditure is lessened on the average Indian Consumer?
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    By capping the prices of stents and implants I don't think so far any common got benefitted. There are two reasons for this. The first point is the corporate hospitals have not decreased the total cost of the surgery. Whatever cost reduction was there in the stents, the same extent there was an increase in other charges. This is not my own creation. This has come in many newspapers. The second point is many people by getting fake certificates getting the operations done under free schemes of free treatment and medication like Aarogya Sri, The people who are paying before the reduction are paying the same rate. The people who are not paying anything before the reduction are not paying now also. As such, there is no additional benefit to anyone,
    In India because of government schemes generally, the really deserving people will never get benefitted. If you see in villages many people who are holding white cards are not really poor people. Their sons will be in the US and their daughter will be the wife of a rich person. he will be having more than 10 acres of land. But he will be enjoying all the benefits as the surpunch is known to him.

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    The Modi government is looking one after another areas where the prices are more and the ultimate users are taken for a ride. For example when doctor prescribes the English medicine he must also mention the name of generic medicine and that too in capital letters. This new rule has enabled the patients to save on the prices of medicines which were exorbitant. Now some life saving drugs are available for a reasonable price, thanks to generic medicines availability equivalent to those wanted. Like wise what the author wants in author areas would also be addressed for that we have to elect this government for another term.
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