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    Indian football: Can we bring back the lost glory?

    Indians started playing football during the last part of the nineteenth century. Within a very short period, Indian football achieved many honours. In 1911, Mohanbagan Club defeated East Yorkshire Regiment 2-1 to lift prestigious IFA Shield. It must be mentioned that Mohanbagan players (except one) used to play barefoot. Bengal clubs used to defeat the British teams fairly regularly before the pre-independence period.

    After independence, India took part in 1948,52, 56 and 60 Olympics football. India won 1951 and 1962 Asiad football gold and 1970 Asiad football bronze. In 1950, India was selected to participate in the World Cup but did not participate apparently due to the paucity of funds. India reached the semifinal in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics. All these achievements seem unimaginable now.

    Since the last part of the seventies, Indian football started its downward journey. With the popularisation of cricket, young people lost interest in football. Although during the 2000s, the downfall has been checked by adopting various measures, but the golden days of India football have not yet returned.

    Can we bring back the glory days of Indian football?

    [P.S.: I wrote the achievements of Indian football team without checking the records, so kindly excuse me for any factual inaccuracy. The topic for discussion is bringing back the old glory of Indian football.]
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    In India, many young people are going more towards cricket and everybody is trying to be a player in that sport. The government also encouraging the game and BCCI is the richest body for the game and attracting more and more players by offering good remunerations. But the other games are not that much encouraged may be due to lack of finance for promoting the game. So all other games are suffering. Once upon a time Hockey was also very famous and won good credentials in that game also.
    To bring back the glory of the Football game in our country, Indian Football Association has to promote the game with more enthusiasm and see that the youth will get more interest in the game. Actually, the educational institutes are not concentrating more on games. In between schools, colleges and Universities football games should be conducted and the talent should be identified. In all levels, the tournaments should be conducted and the best players should be paid and see that they will get attracted towards this game.

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    To promote any game or sports, we need money and money. Once we have this at hand or the avenues for it, we need the Government's interest in developing the sport seriously. If both are available, then we need the dedication of senior players and coaching to develop a national network of football training academies to groom talent from the young to the teens.

    If we do this religiously for 3-4 years and then have regional and state competitions, then we can move on to the next level of international exposures. While this is happening, simultaneously we should plan to market national and professional football like the IPL. If all this done for a decade, then we have a chance of reviving football. Once we have a decent main and back up teams at national and junior level, we can have exhibition matches with international teams.

    I think the key is involving the public and strengthening the existing training system so that players can be groomed to play at various levels.

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    I think another reason for the downfall of football is the young boys and girls in villages are not very interested in football. They are also trying to play cricket.

    Earlier, in Bengal, the vast majority of football players used to come from rural and semi-urban localities. People were not very interested in cricket because it required more equipment, rules were more complex and there were less coaching facilities. Cricket was played only for three months and during the rest of the year, boys used to play football.

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