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    How long is "just a minute"?

    'Just a minute' is a very much used answer when someone is waiting for you and the reply to their question 'how long?'. This just a minute can extend to any length. Similarly, when we are waiting for a person to meet us at a particular place at the particular time, the person may not turn up promptly and keep us waiting. If we contact him about whereabouts, the answer generally we get will be just a few minutes or very nearby. This can be few meters to kilometers and may take a long time to come to the place. Majority of the Indians make such promises and rarely honor them. Both the parties know this and accordingly follow their own schedule. There will be some people who are sticklers to the schedule and they suffer very much with the tendency of others turning up late. What are you? Do you follow what you say or keep the other person guessing?
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    Perhaps the phrases 'one minute' or 'just nearby only' are not used by the people in their literal sense. Instead 'one minute' is used to mean after sometime. Similarly, 'just nearby only' is used to mean 'has not yet reached, it will take more time in reaching',

    I am a sufferer of such a tendency or habit of the people as personally I am an stickler to the schedule. I become restless in getting ready to reach the place well on time. Often after reaching the spot on dot, I find that I am among the first few persons to reach.

    During my service period I used to reach my office in time when only a peon and a part time sweeper used to be available who used to open the office and clean it. The other employees used to start coming after 30-40 minutes. I was regional head i.e. in charge of 4 large states of India of a central Government office but the system was like that in those days. Generally other officers used to come late and the late coming habits of the staff remained unchecked always.

    I used to utilise my early time alone for disposing of most important files requiring focussed attention.

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    Just a minute or wait aminute can only be few fraction of a minute or minutes (1 to 60), and not an hour. A person saying just a minute will not move away from the place, but be present in the vicinity of the person whom they said 'Just a minute' or 'wait a minute'.

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