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    Death The Ultimate Reality.

    Death is the ultimate reality of life. Whether we are going to or we will accept it or not, the countdown for that begins the moment we take our first breath of life. We are mostly compelled to think about it or talk about it only when we find ourselves in context to it either facing it or observes this happening to someone else unknown or not familiar to us. I suppose the subject of "Death" or the possibility of death opens up a pandora's box of emotions for all of us which is difficult for us to accept! Death signifies the end of our identity as we perceive it in the normal parlance…We got different theories about it as also relate to after life theories. Since the time we are aware of being living in this virtual world to the time we breadth our last we continue to be attracted towards the attraction of this world. This is something that just happened to us & then again we move ahaed with our life. Simply because we don't have any other option but to continue.
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    The moment we came to this world our lifespan starts reducing second by second.We feel we are growing in age. But we don't realise that our time on this earth is decreasing. We have no say in this. The time will be moving and we will be growing in age and we will be nearing our death step by step.
    But as long as we live on this earth we have to live our life. We have to be good and we should follow the ethical path and we should be fair and we should not deceive anybody. Then we will have peace of mind. What happens after death? This is a big question nobody can answer. We may be born again or we may not. Whatever may be the position after death, we should not indulge in bad practices in this world during our lifetime and we should have faith in the God Almighty.

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    Those who are born in this world are going to die sooner or later. Every one has come with the purpose and if that is achieved , the God wont permit to stay even for one minute. And when the death occurs so suddenly to a person whom we like the most, we are dumb struck and even in shock. The latest example of actress Sridevi. I was totally shocked to hear her news of death and still feel she is alive. She was seen in a Marriage function mingling with other and that was the last presence of her on this earth. No one would have thought that she would die in some minutes. So death comes to us suddenly.
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    God created creatures won't die. They re-live in different forms. One birth is not remembered in another birth. Their body get destroyed but the soul get shifted to another body. This is what we should understand. Today's SuN in human form might get in to a Tiger form, and then a mosquito or an ant. The soul never dies but moves from one body into another body. This is what I understand about life.
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    The end of a biochemical process is termed as death for a living being. Why the life form is evolved like this and what is its purpose is not known though philosophers and saints had been pondering and researching on this mysterious phenomenon of the life cycle from birth to death.

    With the help of present-day science it is not possible to find out the meaning and reasons of these life form transformations as no physics or chemistry is so far able to explain it but the only lesson learnt by the mankind from this surrounding is to explore more and more scientifically and maybe spiritually also to ultimately find out the unknown hidden behind these processes.

    Rationally speaking death is the end of physical activities and closing of the account of that individual on this planet known as mother earth. What beyond that? - will remain a question till a satisfying convincing theory is in place.

    Knowledge is power.

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    To talk about death is considered as inauspicious by many. We have to leave the world we have entered, this is the truth that we cannot ignore.
    If we start leading our lives keeping this in mind, it would enable us to do all the good things that we wanted to.
    It is also important to fulfil the duties that are expected as a son, father, mother, grandparent during this time so that there is some meaning to our lives.
    Some experts use death as a motivator. 'Live life as if today were your last day on Earth'. This makes sense because, in our hectic materialistic world, we would have many tasks left incomplete for lack of time, and a true driving force.
    For some death is a mere event wherein the soul just moves from one known physical form to another unknown physical form. Understanding this helps in allying the fear of death and helps people and families face it more philosophically rather than emotionally.

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