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    How Strong We Are To Confront The Realities Of Life?

    To be very frank we are dealt with various facets of our life diplomatically. We hardily have said to anyone that we we don't agree with. So to some extent we do negotiate with our principles & ideologies that is the very basis of what we made up of. We were confronted with a lot of problems when we transact for anything. The time we start our day to the time our days gets an end to the its activities, we sometimes agree with the person or circumstances & sometimes we don't agree. Well if we come to the real face then this depends on the side that we are.

    If we slightly narrate the title in a different way then it's a truth versus the confrontation of the realities of life. Any how we always tend to bargain the thing to the maximum advantage to our side. So its not as per our desire or the will but on the circumstance so we got the limitation to implement about what we feel the right or wrong. This is saddest part of our life.
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    Only such diplomats will have a happy life in this world these days. Nobody agrees with a negative answer to our belief. If somebody says negative to our view we will try to argue with him and try to change his opinion. People who don/t have that much confidence to tell the fact and make others accept always will try to keep silent and leave the things to its fate.
    In our office If our boss says something which against our knowledge and can't be acceptable, we may so no. The Moment we say no the boss will be unhappy and try to victimise you somehow or other so that you will never say against to his view. So people will compromise and nod their head half-heartedly accepting. So the view of the powerful person only will be sold. Otherwise, the life of the junior people will become miserable and he may have to try for another position in another company. Hence people will say ok to his advice.

    always confident

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    We all know good from bad and right from wrong but there are times when we cannot express the same for fear of upsetting someone, fear of reprisal and fear of becoming an outcast among the people around us. A child hides its true feeling from a stern father for the fear of being shouted upon. A student lies to the teacher to avoid punishment.

    At times when the boss or the leader is wrong, the ordinary member just says what the boss wants to hear. We hate to take on work when we are tired or have to leave early but still say yes to the demands of the supervisor or a colleague because we can't speak our minds freely.

    Sometime back, I had raised a similar thought about how circumstances influence our professional ethics.
    Situations significantly influence our Professional Ethics. Yes, it is a harsh truth that. many a time, we are not as strong as we should be to face the realities of life.

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    'Compromise' is the winning formula though this particular word has somewhat negative connotation and is generally spontaneously linked to the phrase 'casting couch'.

    On a serious note, one has to accept that compared to attempting to change the whole world, it is much easier to change oneself to adjust to the given situation or the prevailing scenario. Few ignorant people make their life utterly miserable by remaining engrossed full time in criticising others and in wishing to get them changed to conform to their own personal standards or parameters.

    Each individual is unique and has his/her own faith, beliefs and ideologies. It is better to leave them to themselves and mind our own business. The realities of life will remain the same, whether we accept the same or otherwise. For remaining happy, we have to develop an attitude to accept the realities of life as it is instead of confronting the same which is likely to prove a futile exercise in any case, at the end.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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