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    A tasty but healthy dosa recepies

    Recently my sister in law bought mutigrain dhalia packet for making dhalia with vegetables. Inthe next day I took the remaining grains and grind smoothly by soaking in hot water for a while. The dough out is added with needed salt and pinch of asafetida. By keeping a tawa in stove by pouring a laddleful flour. spreading sliced onion and pepper powder it can be spread. A spoonful of ghee can be poured in all sides and after a gap of three minutes make the dosa reversed. After a gap of two minutes it can be removed from tawa and served hot with coconut chutney.
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    The author seems to be inventing new tastes from the available resources and that is called innovating cooking techniques much to the delight of his guests and happy that author has perfected in that. Great.
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    My wife also made this dosa with multigrain powder purchased. I am not completely aware of the standard operating procedure for making the dosa but I tasted that dosa and it is very tasty. I liked this dosa very much. So I asked my wife to repeat the same dish after 3 or 4 days again. It is really tasting good.
    Many types of dosas are made in our house and I like Ravva Dosa very much. I also prefer Pesara Dosa with upma. The multigrain upma is also very tasty.

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    Thanks to Mr. Pattabiraman for sharing the recipe of dosa with multi-grain dahlia. I am surely going to pass it over to my wife, who thinks dhosa is one of the heavenly foods of the world.
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    We use multigrain regularly at our home. It'll be selecta Sabarmati multigrains for chappathis (these are a little harder and hence better to have it fresh and or with gravy dish). We use the Aachi or MTR multigrain mix, both are good for the dosas, the only difference we find is, it is difficult to make a thin paper roast like dosa, it has to be thicker and for better cooking, we need to cover the dosa pan with a steel lid. Sometimes we add palak or methi. Children like the regular homemade dosa better than the multigrain ones.

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    Once, when I visited a margin free market and bought a packet of multi-grain mix with an intention to have it as a diabetic person to improve my health. Unfortunately, my good wife, never got ready to prepare and serve it to me. The packet was lying unnoticed for over a year in a corner of my kitchen. Thereafter I never thought about multi-grain mix. After reading this thread I may try to have it once (not the year old packet, but a fresh one from the market).
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    It is available from patanjali also with good quality.

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    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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