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    Why we are fascinated by the celebrities and copy their styles?

    In every society or country, there are some celebrities who have reached their respective positions due to their contributions in certain areas like acting, business, dancing, singing, sports, writing etc.

    It is natural that people are fascinated by their progress and qualities through which they have risen to such high levels. At the same time, some people blindly follow their styles and fashion patterns and are almost obsessed with their ways of life.

    Why we are so much influenced by them that we start copying their gestures and styles in our life. Is it required to follow them to such extents?
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    When we like a person, when they are having the quality of our wishes, they behave as per our wishes and above all they move on our expected lines and thus we connect with those celebrities who have these great qualities. And naturally we ape their fashion statements and also like to be like them in every style pattern. During my youth days there were craze for bell bottom pants and even Amitabh and other actors wore that. Surely even me also followed that trend because I am the ardent fan of Amitabh. Likewise I also like Sridevi very much. But today I mourning her death which was so sudden and shock.
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    There are people who do a lot of hard working their respective fields and reach the top of their profession. This achievement will be because of their talent and hard work. There are people who really suffered a lot and reached the top position. So they become celebrities because of their achievements in their respective fields. The upcoming people in the field will take them as examples and try to come up in their lives by following these guys. But one thing is true that they can't come up simply by imitating them by their dressing style and hairstyle.
    The youth get fascinated by the success of these celebrities and try to imitate them in their physical appearance. But it will never give them the success. the fact will be known only after these young people grow and mature enough in their lives.
    It is very easy to imbibe bad qualities but imbibing good qualities is very difficult and very hard in the life. This is a fact everybody should understand. You may be able to dress like NTR and you may be able to comb-like NTR but you can't act like NTR. This fact should be understood by all.

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    When we like a person, we tend to copy their lifestyles to our life. People become successful through their hardwork and determination and we can see many celebrities like Sachin, Amitabh Bachan and so on. It becomes difficult when we tend become addictive towards a celebrity and copy his life styles fully without knowing him properly. Today we lost a lady superstar Sridevi and her life starting was from difficult situations and she managed to overcome it through her hard work.
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    It's normal for human beings to indulge in an idol or peer workship. When we are growing up we try to imitate an elder brother or sister or even our parents. As we become a teenager, we have a hero, model, celebrity or a public figure whom we are impressed with. This often would be an actor or a young elite person making waves in the real world.

    We live our practical lives but we desire to become like one of our idols. Some choose a cricket player, a megastar, a champion of social cause etc and try to emulate them.

    Imitating them becomes easy and gratifying for many people. Some lose the distinction between real and fantasy world and get sidetracked. Some become so obsessed with their celebrity stars that they under surgery to look like them, neglect their families and get isolated, some even indulge in self-harm when their idol has some suffering or passes away.

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    I feel proud to announce that till today, I have not copied the style of any film-star. When someone tends to copy an actor or actress, I feel it ridiculous. Such people who copy the dress or style of any actor or actress, he/she becomes artificial and awkward.
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    I have never imitated any celebrities though I do admire few of them like Amitabh Bachchan or Amartya Sen but for different reasons. They have distinguished themselves in their chosen fields through their hard work and dedication.

    I believe that each individual is unique and he/she need not copy others which is a symptom of having a weak personality.

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    A very good question Mr Umesh. We say that we want freedom and want to live independently. But human nature is not the same. We cannot live independently. We always follow the other's styles. It is human nature.
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