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    A most welcome method.

    These days almost all people are completely getting addicted to their smartphones and even while eating also they are not able to keep the phones away. They are getting wedded to these phones. Even when they go to restaurants also instead of concentrating on the food or talking with the people with whom they came there, they are spending their time on phones.
    Some Restaurants in Japan are not happy with the customers because they are eating like a machine but not enjoying the food. So many Resturants started collecting the phones and giving back when they are leaving the hotel. Many restaurants are displaying hoarding asking the customers to switch off their phones. In some hotels, they are offering 10% discount on their bills if they are not talking on the phone till they finish their eating and pay the bill. Some hotels are collecting the phones of a group of people who are coming for eating in groups and if anybody is going to the phones in hurry and seeing the phones for missed calls are punished by asking them to pay the bills of their friends also. I think it is a welcome method and do you feel in India also this system is good?
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    Good that a new thought has come into the minds of Japanese hotel owner who has devised the ways and means to punish the erring customers who keep on talking and meddle with the gadgets even after serving food and thus they are not only denying the food in time and also makings others to wait. By imposing heavy fines, the customers would be behaving at least in next visit. In India too the government must take action on this as most of the youth are spending much time on social media which is no use. Slowly people getting annoyed with over use of social media and this sort of action and punishment needed.
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    Looks like a nice idea to the hotel industry but for me, it sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. What if there is an urgent news or a call from home or friend for help, then it would be a great mistake.
    In cases of emergency, a few minutes delay could impact the outcome. Yes, the hotels can do that but there would be some incidents wherein someone would suffer because of this idea.
    Instead, what we can practice this, keeping the phone in silent mode. what's app status can be kept as important or urgent calls only. Then forget checking for what's app messages, videos and see images or take selfies. When there is call take it, if it's nothing urgent, you can call back later.

    The problem is not because of the phone calls, it's because of the addiction to keep constantly checking, scanning for messages, seeing what's app forwards. Just because some of us cannot control our behaviour, we cannot forget the most important function of a phone which truly is 'help is just a call away'.

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    It is good and bad. By this, the hotel authorities become dictators to the customers. We lose our liberty and freedom inside the hotel. A simple warning 'No talking' like 'No smoking' would do the magic. Why should the hotel authorities worry about the customer enjoying the taste of the food or not. Their goal is to make money by serving the food. Let the hoteliers not poke in their nose in the activities of the visitors to the hotel. They may lose their business by such actions.
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    In India, introduction of such a system may not be practically possible as people are more smart here in a different sense. Some of the developments may be as follows -
    1. The real addict people will simply stop going to such restaurants.
    2. The next door restaurant may display the message on their board - 'Enjoy Food without Switching-off your Phone'.
    3. Many people who are not yet using smart phones may buy a new phone just to avail discount offered in such restaurants.
    4. Adjacent to the discount offering restaurant, a phone rental shop may come up to rent the phone for 30 minutes or so to avail the discount.
    5. People may ransack such restaurants in protest.
    6. Allegations may be aired in the media by the opposition political party.

    There is no dearth of possibilities. However, the moot point is that when people in India drive their motor cycles at very high speed even at road turning while talking on phone fastened between their shoulder and ear, that too without wearing helmet, then how they can be expected to abide by any such dictate of a private restaurant owner.

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    Using phone while eating is a bad habit. But how a hotel owners can snatch privacy from customers. This may lead to loss of hotels. People will slow down to go in such hotels who don't allow customers to enjoy with their family. I dont think such system should be their.

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    I fully support the step taken by the Japanese restaurants. It is an art to enjoy gourmet food. Such food can't be relished while remaining busy with cellphones. Using cellphones while taking such dishes is an insult to the food as well as to the cook. Japanese people understand this very well.

    Incidentally, Japanese tea-parties are also worth noticing. The duration of such traditional tea parties may take more than four hours and these tea-parties are treat to watch.

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    It's a different scenario in the above two countries. In a true sense we can't match it up. In today's world smart phones is now a part of life. There are so many contacts that no possible to keep in mind as the same is also changing as the scheme offered are coming on daily basis. Other than making a call & receiving, the smart phone also bearing the huge responsibilities in the areas of setting reminders, sharing information on social platform etc.

    There are other data also but considering the above facts in India it's never going to possible.

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