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    How did you learn to write and speak good English?

    Dear Members,
    We are Indians. We are divided by state and languages. We have our own languages known as Mother tongue. English is a foreign language. It is the language of British people. That language rules us. We are forced to learn English. English is a must for work and communication.

    How did we ISCians learn good English to post messages; respond thread;, write good articles etc? Did you learn English at home or from your KG or primary school or college or from any private institution or from your work place or on your own initiative and interest?

    Please narrate your English learning sincerely.
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    I was a student of a Bengali medium school. Frankly speaking, even today, I can't speak English fluently. But somehow I am capable of expressing myself clearly. Moreover, I remain very conscious to minimize the mistakes while speaking. I also know very well that I speak English with a heavy Bengali accent.
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    English is not my mother tongue. So, I had to learn from the school classes. In my case I started going to school late. I joined first in the Second form, which is equivalent to present Seventh standard. So I was introduced to English then only. Until that I was studying at my home, with the help of some teachers of a neighbouring school, who were staying with us. English was first introduced by these teachers. Of course, writing was given importance.
    Since the school I joined was a Malayalam medium one, English was used only in the Language class. Hence talking in English was started at the degree class only. My English Teacher was a bit rough and had to concentrate in the usage of correct English. Spelling and grammar were given much attention by the teacher. We students were much afraid of him. All these helped me to concentrate in the Language.
    When I reached the degree class, again I had tough English teachers. Slowly I started reading English literature and news papers. Thus the Language became some what handy. I tried to speak and write good English. But since I was in Kerala itself, I had no much chance to speak in English outside the class hours.
    However, I had to converse and write in English when I became a teacher. Writing articles became a habit as part of teaching notes. In my department where I was working there were three teachers from Andhra Pradesh. This gave me chances to converse in English with them. All these are the back history of learning of English.

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    I studied in Hindi medium up to 12th standard in Government schools/college though English was one of the subjects at all levels. I got exposed to English medium education when I joined B.Sc. in Lucknow Christian College, Lucknow. One of my chemistry teachers - Dr. W. E.. Bauer was an American during B.Sc. days. Other teachers also used to give lectures in English medium but students used to converse in Hindi only. The same system prevailed later also during M.Sc. days in Lucknow University. Subsequently, even after joining service, spoken English was not much in use till 1983 and was used intermittently only during formal occasions like interviews etc.

    I had to switch over to spoken English when I joined my new department at Mumbai in 1983. My Bengali boss sometimes used to admonish me to talk in English when I used to talk to him in Hindi.

    It comes by practice. The more you read and write, the more proficient you will become. Vocabulary gets enriched by reading books and news papers as well as by using the newly learnt words in writing.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I studied English as a language starting from my sixth class up to my graduation. I studied English as the first language. In Intermediate I studied in Telugu medium which is my mother tongue. But in my graduation, I have opted for English medium. Teachers used to teach in English medium only. But all the conversations among the students and with teachers also was in the mother tongue only. We had a Marathi lecturer with whom we used to talk in English with many mistakes. But in my M.Sc all the professors used to talk primarily in English only and they were insisting us to talk in English. From then slowly we picked up talking in English. But is my professional career throughout my career I never worked outside the AP and Telangana. So the majority of the discussions were in the local language. But by reading and writing various English books I learned some English for usage, writing and speaking. Still, I am not very good in my English. I am learning now also by the interaction in this ISC site.
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    In the first place, the English language provides a platform wherein we communicate to each other as India has the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution lists 22 languages & its not possible to know all. So, its good to learn from the elementary to the professional level by joining a good coaching class & at the same time start participating in a discussion so that the same can be repeated & you can judge your progress..

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    Ved Prakash Anand,
    How did you learn to write such an excellent English in your life. My question is - Did you learn English through your parents, or through the teachers of your school/college, or through your work in your work place, or through your colleagues in your work place, or on your own initiative and interest, or by any other means?

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    Though I was having a hold on the English language in the school and college level, the actual hype on this language was possible through this site only. Remember nearly 1,90.000 points were earned and that would give a sense as to how much writing I would have done. Initially my speed of typing was also slow and was doing with one finger. Now I can type at 40 words per minute and that too flawlessly. All this qualities has come from being regular and participating in this forum section which has really enhanced my status further. Now I am writing contents for the magazines and also one Elders club web site.
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    Looking back, I was poor in English, my handwriting was bad and used to write answers from guides. I should thank my school English teacher, she made me write a rough work first and then write 'neat class work'. It was very difficult and time-consuming.
    Later on, to participate in GK quiz, started reading books and encyclopedia etc. I didn't win any prizes but that go me on to a habit of reading books. novels etc.
    With God's grace had a chance to go abroad and had to take the IELTS exams.
    Slowly, got into the habit of writing professional articles. My grammar is not very good. When I type, I do make typo errors. I still feel, there a lot for me to learn, for instance, creative writing.

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