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    How good are you in using the word 'But' in your communication?

    Dear all,
    But is the word not liked by all. People seldom use the word but. I love the word but and use it regularly.

    How good are you in using the word 'But' in your communication? Do you love it or hate it?
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    I don't like to use the word 'but', but sometimes it becomes unavoidable to use it.

    Perhaps, there is no point in thinking too much about 'ifs' and 'buts' as life is short.

    One's possibilities in future are limited by the use of 'buts' today.

    The great statesmen Charles de Gaulle had once said that 'one cannot govern with 'buts'.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The word 'But' always signifies doubt. But we must have doubts to enable us to progress. So, 'But' is a very necessary evil.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    But is a word which we use very frequently in our writings. I am feeling hungry but I don't have anything to eat. Like this, we have to use But many times in our English usage. Sometimes we may be using this word unnecessarily. That should be avoided. Use absolutely where it is necessary only. But can be used in many places based on the requirement.
    always confident

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    Good forum by the author, I neither love it nor hate it. I use it when ever required, not always. So no issue's by using this word. I am comfortable when I use and comfortable when I don't use that word.

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    I also agree that it is an inevitable evil. It may have a negative attribute associated with it but it is very helpful in many occasions when we want to skip or moderate the matter.

    For example, once I asked my friend whether he would be coming to an evening function nearby. He replied that he would but would see the work situation in the afternoon in his office and then only he would decide. So I could not make out whether he would be there or not.

    Many people use this conjunction for creating confusion or manipulating the various situations. By inflicting a tinge of doubt they sometimes gain in terms of their selfish motives also. Those people who are using it only as a part of language but no tricks involved, should not bother for these subtleties.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I would like to disagree here with the author, this is what I perceive from the thread:

    But is the word not liked by all. (Contrary to what you have said, "but" is one of the word which is used more frequently while speaking and writing. It is mostly used as fillers by us that's non-native speakers. So maybe it's not true that it's not liked by "all", Consciously or unconsciously this word is the most exploited word)

    People seldom use the word but. (Just explained above that "But" is one of the most frequently used words)
    I love the word but and use it regularly. (Can we love a "word"? just a question)

    How good are you in using the word 'But' in your communication? (I am not sure how good I am in using it. Well, there are times when I have used it more often which were wrong)

    Do you love it or hate it?- How can we love a word?

    Among many, one more word which comes to my mind is the word "only", you can find this mostly among youngsters conversing. For example:

    1. You only told me to do.
    2. She was supposed to come here only.

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    But is a word, I like as it helps me in my conversation to disagree with a statement or discussion. Like 'But', the other word is, 'However'.
    Teacher to student
    You said you had prepared very well for the English exam but your answer paper tells a different story.
    You say you don't believe in God but I've seen you at the Ganesha temple, next to the office many times.
    Mr.X, a nice monthly sales presentation but, in my view, the figures mentioned are exaggerated as the sales bill book show last month's sales to be below average.
    But and However are words that can be used in formal communication and in professional places without being very rude to the other person.

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