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    Do you know anyone who was able to quit smoking/tobacco chewing for ever successfully?

    In north India, generally people start smoking or chew tobacco immediately after they start earning. Sometimes, even in school and colleges also, the foundation of this bad habit is laid which is generally continued life long.

    We see a lot of public awareness campaigns and advertisements in the media highlighting the adverse effects of tobacco consumption including its cancer causing potential. Many people make new year resolutions also to quit this bad habit but generally most of such people fail to stick to their resolutions. In my family also I have been witness to the mouth cancer caused due to tobacco chewing affecting my elder brother who finally had to leave this world after struggling for over a decade.

    Do you know anyone who was able to quit smoking/tobacco chewing for ever successfully?
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    Both the elder brothers of my dad quit smoking making a form decision. They had a strong willpower and they quit smoking almost 20 years back. However, my dad could not quit till he suffered an attack twice. After he recovered from the attack for the second time, he jas now stopped smoking. But, we lost younger brother of my dad for a massive attack since he was a heavy smoker.

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    Nice post raised by the author. As far as my knowledge goes, there is no definite quitting of smoking or chewing tobacco or pan. But a drastic reduce in their intake has been noticed. One of my close relative who was a chain smoker once has now reduced the smoking of cigarette to one or two sticks per day. Considering his habit of having two to five packs a day, this was the major improvement but he could not totally quit the smoking. And as regards to chewing of tobacco is concerned, there is no stoppage at all , though the so called gutka has been banned as per the government and law enforcing agencies, every shop sells the same clandestinely and thus chewing has been going on unabated and they are also spoiling the roads, walls and other public properties with that stains. Strict fines on the spot would bring down the activities.
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    I have seen my father smoking since my childhood. He used to have many cigarettes in a single day and was habitual of chewing tobacco. We tried to convince him to leave these habits but he never even tried.
    In 2010, he did fasting for 10 days (during Paryushan Parv) and after that, he quit smoking. But his tobacco chewing habit was still playing the role.
    Last year, we celebrated his 60th Birthday and since then he quit tobacco chewing habit also. This time, none of us forced him for that.
    He did not find any problem quitting both the habits but initially he used to have roasted Fennel seeds for chewing purpose but now all ok.
    This can be a good example who are giving one and other excuses for quitting these habits.


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    There are many such cases wherein a chain smoker quit smoking forever. One of my cousin who was an Engineer used to hold the cigarette packet in hand continuously. Even I have seen him with cigarettes while sleeping. Many a time, his bed caught fire. I think, most part of his salary was spent to buy cigarettes only. When he had to go for a bye-pass surgery in his heart, he realised his mistake of chain smoking. After the surgery, he quit smoking forever. He lived for 15 years after his surgery and passed away peacefully.
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    I know many people who quit their smoking many times. They say we will stop from next month first. They will stop for 4 or 5 days and they feel restless and start again smoking. This is what generally happens with many smokers.
    But I have seen two people who stopped smoking for their lifetime.
    The first one is my teacher under whom I did my PhD. I understand he was a chain smoker. People hardly see him without a cigarette in his hand. But after some time he was having some health problem and doctor advised him not to smoke. He slowly reduced the number of cigarettes and finally, he stopped completely. Till today he never had even a single piece after that day.
    Another person was my boss in a company.I was working as QC Manager and my boss was the works manager. One day he told me that he was a chain smoker. Daily he was consuming minimum 3 packets of cigarette daily. But one day he had a big fight with his wife on this subject and finally he decided to give up. Slowly he reduced the number and finally he had given up that habit.
    Really smoking and gutka consumption is very dangerous. I witnessed one person who died because of these habits with a mouth cancer at a very young age of 32 years. He was an operator in our company. I advised him many times not to have these habits. But he could not stop and finally succumbed to death.

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    Giving up smoking is a difficult task for many because of the initial dependence and later on carving for nicotine/cigarettes.
    It can be done with willpower. I have seen people who stop smoking after an adimission to the hospital or a visit to Shabarimala or just out of the blue they find a strong cause (emotional related to children) and then stop suddenly.

    Some stop smoking after seeing a close relative or friend suffer with a heart attack or a disease that is realted to smoking and its effects.

    Some need counselling, support and nicotine chewing gums (for the initial period) and later on some measures, like a normal chewing gum, a brisk walk, a cup of coffee or even an empty stick to be kept in the mouth(to stop the craving).

    So, yes it can be done with or without medical help, mostly it requires the will power to do it.

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    I myself was able to quit tobacco chewing successfully 2 years back. I used to smoke also for few years in between. Regarding my quitting tobacco chewing, I have an interesting story to share. I had to visit my son in USA for seeing my newly born granddaughter. However, he told me in advance that I will be allowed to hold her, hug her or kiss her only if I quit tobacco chewing as he will not allow it otherwise.

    I quit it.

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    I have not seen any of my close relative smoking or got addicted to chewing tobacco. But I heard from my grand mother that, one of her distant relatives has stopped smoking after his first heart attack. He was smoking for more than 15 years, then he stopped at the age of 45 and now he is 60 years old. He was asked to take orange chocolate(mittai), whenever he feels like smoking.
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    Any habit which has formed over a long time is very difficult to get rid of though there are few who have with sheer determination win over these evils and do not fall in its trap afterwards.

    In my acquaintances, I am aware of only one or two cases where people could finally stop these health hazards completely in their life. In other cases, I found that though they have drastically cut the intake from earlier but still they are inhaling it once or twice a day.

    In some households, it is a continuous source of fight and bitterness between the couple.

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    At least not on my contacts. But once when I asked someone about why he smoke then his reply was that he just started & since long he is doing so. Its now his habit.

    I do feel that for any such habit it's not easy to leave those. It's an obsession and leads to disastrous consequences as this gives you effect in a long time till this get late that not easy to return. But surely still be possible.

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