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    'Discover" the inner strength in you. Never blame others for your failure.

    In our life we face with some challenging situations and during that time many would give tips and suggestions but the actual ordeal has to be gone through by us and we are alone responsible for our destiny and life there after. So instead of having high hopes on others to help us, let us discover our own strength and also know our weakness so that a improvement can be attempted to refine our way of living much to the surprise of others.

    So next time we should not say we cannot, we should say we can, come what may be. If such attitude comes in our way of working , nothing is impossible.

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    Yes, it is true. Successful persons do have self-confidence. Besides self-confidence they have dogged determination, persistence and capacity to do hard work whatever may come.

    There is no room for blaming others as the responsibility lies primarily on the individual concerned. Blaming others is nothing but an alibi for one's failure.

    Failures, if any should be welcomed as they enable a conscience individual to learn. Failures stir the soul and nucleate the process of winning next time.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    A good presentation by the author. Every one of us should have confidence in us. We should know our strengths and weakness. Once we identify our weakness we should attempt for coming up in that line so that you will overcome your weakness. One has to struggle himself to be successful. Definitely, you can ask somebody to help to some extent but our failure can't be attributed to somebody's non-cooperation. In every walk of your life, you should have your own strategies and go as per your strategy and try to be successful. At the same time, overconfidence is suicidal. So be confident, discover your strengths and improve upon your flaws and try to be successful. There is no guarantee that somebody will come and help us.
    always confident

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    We all have the inner strenght to variable degrees but only when we are faced with tough decisions in life or difficulities do we realise it's presence and it's value.

    Lot of people ask 'what do you mean by inner strength?', when we look back into our lives after a major issue or a life changing difficulty has passed by (loss of job, huge financial loss, break-up), we would wonder, God, how did I survive and come out of it?, this is inner strength, difficult to explain or quantify but we have it.

    A good use of the word 'discover' because at difficult times, people forget the larger picture and some give up easily and look whom to blame. But once we look for our inner strength, we would be tiding over crisis easily.

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