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    Discover magic in each and every moment of life

    Life is magical. Each and every moment of our life is special and magical. All we need to do is look around, and this time, look around more carefully. Look at the raindrops that fall so gently on the ground and appreciate the rhythm in which they do so. We have stopped looking at these little things as we have kept ourselves busy in discovering our materialistic matters. Just open up to these little moments. Experience the touch of cool breeze which can literally set the whole world in motion. This kind of richness when discovered will help us in our certainties and mysteries.

    If we don't believe in magic then we are never going to find it. Greatest secrets are always hidden in unlikely spots. The little things which we avoid in our everyday life are the greatest treasures of magic and have potential to bring happiness to us. Need is to open up to them and this will help us to open up to ourselves. The world is full of magic. All we need to do is sharpen our senses so that we can discover the magic and this discovery eventually will lead to self-discovery. Who knows, one day we can turn ourselves into some super magical creature like wizards or mermaids. There is magic and there are miracles and do not lose hope in them. If we do then our disbelief will make us believe in governments, materials, and business. If there is a scope for love then there definitely will be a quest for magic. As long as heart listens to the silence of the stars, as long as there are colors in the rainbow, magic exists. Do not get far away from the essence which was born within us. Embrace magic, who knows, we can someday get to meet elves and live in a tree.

    This is an entry for the TOW Contest- Discover
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    A nice narration by the author seeing the beauty and joy hidden in the nature around us.

    Yes, positive people see things in that perspective only. There are many hidden jewels around in nature but we do not recognise them till we open our inner eyes to get enthralled and amused with their brilliance.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The author has made a good attempt to narrate the magical things which are hidden in the nature around us. Whether you discover them or not is in your own hands. There are many good things in this universe which are gifted by got for the enjoyment of the human beings. Unfortunately, we all will be seriously moving around in the pursuit of materialistic happiness in this life but we will ignore these got gifted magical things which will give you enormous happiness and energy. Try to discover those hidden beauties and be happy always.
    always confident

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    The author has expressed a very good thought for word discover and even a good entry for the contest.

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    A nice thread by the author, there are many things around us in life waiting to be discovered that can bring smiles and joy to us. Watching a little flower bloom, watching a rainbow form and fade, the first steps of a baby, the unbridled enthusiasm of our children and many more. All these are magical things around us that can be discovered, all we need to do is look at them instead of trying to discover greed, money, and power.

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    A really good post to read. The author depicted clearly the magical features of our everyday life. Hope that everyone thinks like her which can make this world much better. Where we can breathe easily without bothering about the material benefits of our life.

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