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    Will the ladies start using lipstick from the lipstick plant?

    The natives of North America and |South America subcontinents know this plant (or shrub) very well. They use the fruits of this plant as lipstick. The native women of Ecuador use the colour of this plant to dye their hair. Now, this plant is being developed in Fulia agricultural research centre in West Bengal.

    The plant is commonly known as lipstick plant. The scientific name is Bixa orellana. The seeds are processed to obtain the orange-yellow pigments as dye for the food, cosmetic and soap industries. This dye is used to colour the cheddar cheese and is also used for the colouring of rice.

    In short, the seeds and the fruits of this plant can be used as lipstick, dye and also in our food. It has no harmful side-effects.

    Now, the million-dollar question is whether Indian ladies will adopt the brightly coloured fruits of this plant in their purse and also in their kitchen.
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    A very good information from the author. I never know that there is a plant whose fruits are used for food as well as for lipstick. The plant name itself is Lipstick plant. Many ladies in India also are accustomed to using lipstick. Generally. these lipsticks are made of some artificially manufactured dyes in a suitable solvent. These may not be very healthy for using for a long time So using a natural colour of the fruit is a good idea. Already some ladies in other countries are using. So it is a better idea to use the same in our country. Once the plant development in Indian conditions is finalised. many ladies may prefer having this pant in their Kitchen Garden, I hope.
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    Why go for a lipstick plant. Why not the ladies use betel leaves, nuts and lime to have their lips reddish or rosy in colour. It is good for health without any side effect.
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    It depends on the marketing strategies of the promoters.

    We, Indians, both men and women have a deep obsession for anything of foreign origin. Our attachment to the objects of foreign origin is so compulsive that we had imported our rulers also in the past.

    I see a potential of setting up a startup company for promoting this product through online portals using an App specially developed for the purpose. The women will vie with each other in buying the product earlier than the other one.

    After all, our favorite Bollywood actress sacrificed her life on the altar of cosmetology.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Mr. Kailash Kumar: This lipstick plant is also foreign in origin. This plant is available in North America, South America and Java.
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    There are many natural seeds and plants that give color and being used in traditional medicine and rituals.

    We've been using mehndi for hands and some people for hairs. So, people can use it for the lips. But the problem is to transform it from the plant due to a stick that can be carried around, 2.what studies would be needed before being certified for commercial products intended for human use (this would be important because one or two big cases of human adverse reaction will mean that the company have to pay out damages and even halt production), 3. Will the cosmetic giants allow this to come up risking their multi-million dollar sales?

    If these can be addressed to, then it would an exciting venture for an entrepreneur focussing on the 'Organic or 'Natural'tag of lipsticks.

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